Sneak Peek: Stephanie Julian's What A Goddess Wants

RT brings you an exclusive first look at Stephanie Julian's upcoming series Forgotten Goddesses which begins in July with What a Goddess Wants. We go beyond the back cover blurb with the author who shares how this erotic paranormal romance puts a new spin on little known Etruscan goddesses.


What a Goddess Wants is the first in the Forgotten Goddesses erotic romance series from Sourcebooks Casablanca. The book features a beautiful goddess, a handsome hero, a nasty blue demon and a magical community that’s coexisted with ours in secret for several millennia.

Tessa is the Etruscan Goddess of the Sun, formerly adored by millions (well, that might be pushing it a little), but who’s now living in relative obscurity in Reading, Pennsylvania, where much of the Etruscan population has been settled for two hundred years.

Oh, she still has followers but their numbers have dwindled over the centuries and so have her powers. It’s the same for all of the Etruscan Forgotten Goddesses. Tessa keeps busy delivering babies, part of her goddess duties. But she hasn’t led the sun across the sky since that Roman bitch, Aurora, usurped her position. Those Roman deities have a lot to answer for.

Tessa’s been minding her own business for the past thousand years or so when she starts having terrifying dreams of being hunted. Turns out, she is. Charun, Etruscan God of the Underworld, wants to consume her powers and leave her withered spirit to rot. Why? No idea. She only knows that if he leaves the Underworld, it will be bad. Very bad.

Tessa needs a hero and fast.

Caligo the Cimmerian is badass, a real-life Conan the Barbarian — strong, fierce and practically invincible. A legendary warrior who feels no pain, heat or cold. And sometimes a little stupid when it comes to women. He’s been burned by goddesses before but he’s not going to be taken in again.

When Cal finds Tessa asleep on his bed, he decides to teach his grown-up Goldilocks a lesson about invading someone’s home.

The only problem: When he touches her, he feels her heat. He hasn’t felt the warmth of another person’s skin in decades, not since he was a child.

And he likes it, enough to want to keep her. When a nasty blue demon shows up to kidnap Tessa to the Underworld, Cal grabs Tessa and runs straight into an adventure through hidden temples in the modern world to the strongholds of deities in the Hamptons to Cimmeria, the land of mist and shadow that lies between the planes of the worlds.

What a Goddess Wants is the first in the series, though it’s not the first book about the Etruscans. I’ve also written the Magical Seduction and Lucani Lovers series for Ellora’s Cave and you’ll see some of the same characters throughout the course of the story.

One of my favorites, Salvatorus the salbinelli, is along for the ride. Sal has the upper body of a man, the lower body of a goat and a face that’s pure Etruscan male. And gorgeous, little black horns. I love Sal.

And I hope the readers fall in love with Cal and Tessa, as well.

- Stephanie Julian

Readers can find out more about the Etruscans and the writer at What a Goddess Wants releases July 1st. And to learn more about books releasing soon, visit our Upcoming Releases page.