Sneak Peek: Vampire In Atlantis By Alyssa Day

RT brings you an exclusive first look at Alyssa Day's characters from her upcoming Vampire in Altantis, the latest installment of the author's popular Warriors of Poseidon series. 


Daniel and Serai bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “star-crossed lovers.” They first fell in love more than 11,000 years ago, before Atlantis sank beneath the sea! In the time that has passed since then, Daniel became a vampire and very powerful mage in the Night Walker Guild, and Serai spent the entire time in magical stasis; frozen in time in Atlantis to be pulled out at some future time to marry an Atlantean king.

Serai isn’t a fan of this plan. 

She manages to escape the stasis pod and Atlantis just when Daniel has finally given up on life and plans to walk into the sun. When these two encounter another after eleven thousand years, it’s an explosion like the world has never seen! They have a mission, though: they must retrieve a very powerful gem from Poseidon’s Trident that has fallen into the wrong hands.  

Daniel has spent his life in search of redemption. He did horrible things when he first became a vampire and has tried to make up for that for more than ten thousand years. He knows Serai deserves much better than the monster he has become, and he plans to help her and then let her go. Do the honorable thing. Even if it kills him all over again.  

Serai is having no part of this. She’s determined to show Daniel just how much he needs her –and just how much she needs him. If she can live through the quest to find the Emperor—the magical amethyst that controls the stasis pods and, if they don’t find it soon, the remaining maidens held in those pods will die. She’s willing to sacrifice her life for them, Daniel is ready to sacrifice his life for her, and the power-mad vampire who currently has the Emperor is willing to sacrifice anybody who gets in his way.

In Vampire in Atlantis, love, sacrifice, and the power of redemption must of head-to-head with supernatural evil and an all-too-human conspiracy to stop them all. It’s a wild ride and, in the end, only the power of a world-bending love that has blazed through the millennia that parted them will save Daniel and Serai. Luckily, they’re more than up to the task.

- Alyssa Day

The latest book in Alyssa Day’s Warriors of Poseidon series, Vampire in Atlantis, is scheduled to release on June 7th, 2011. And if you are interested in learning about other upcoming releases, click here!