So You Want To Read A Paranormal Graphic Novel ...

Do you want try out a paranormal graphic novel but don’t know where to start? All of our coverage of Comic Con 2011 got us in the mood to check out some new illustrated tales. So for some expert advice on which new supernatural stories to pick up, we called in RT reviewer Ruth. Today, she shares how she started reading graphic novels and recommends four of her recent finds.

I enjoy romance comics! When I was a much younger woman (I am in my sixties, now) my husband would walk with me to the corner drugstore where we would buy two bottles of Coca-Cola and two comics. For several years, this was our routine, walking hand in hand and enjoying the balance of our life together. Being newlyweds we didn't have much money and still this was a favorite treat. His preferred issues were Captain America and Spiderman, but I liked anything with a romantic story. 

During that time, I became pregnant and had my son. Our weekly outings changed to the local museum, the park and the zoo, and when my husband was killed in a car accident my life changed drastically. I was a single woman supporting a child. Going back to work did not leave much time for comics or romance. Years passed, and my son grew. Eventually I retired, moving to California to be near my son. At a local event in town, I met RT columnist Anne Elizabeth and she asked if I liked comics. I laughed and she knew my secret. That day, she sent me home with boxes of books and my enjoyment of them began again. 

I have written many reviews for RT BOOK REVIEWS. Though, I have since remarried to a very kind man who is a well-spoken and dapper companion, when I read these romance comics it transports me back to the time when I was a newly married woman in love with a man who liked to tease me precisely to see me laugh and who celebrated my appreciation of romance.

So what are a few of Ruth’s recent reads that she’d suggest to someone looking for a paranormal graphic novel?



A Flight of Angels
By Alisa Kwitney, Holly Black, Bill Willingham, Louise Hawes, T.D. Mitchell and Rebecca Guay

A captivating that tale weaves five distinct voices into one ethereal vision! This compilation has phenomenal storylines and exceptional art. A Flight of Angels is truly an enchanting and compelling book. This reviewer believes that readers will connect emotionally to the story's dramatic depictions.

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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Circus of the Damned, Book 1: The Charmer
By Laurell K. Hamilton, Ron Lim and Jessica Booth

Laurell K. Hamilton makes anger a very memorable weapon in this installment of her Anita Blake graphic novel series, which gathers comic issues #1-5. Whether a reader is already an Anita Blake fan or trying the series for the first time, this is a good place to start. Although the story is slow-paced in some places, heavy with dialogue, the overall plot has energy that will make readers come back for more. Anita Blake shines with confidence, sexiness and skill as she takes on the undead. And even though it's sometimes a struggle to survive, her capable nature makes her even more appealing. Hamilton always gives readers explosive stories and Lim’s sharp and concise art complements her style!

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Dark Hunters Vol. 4
By Sherrilyn Kenyon and Caludia Campos

Kenyon makes the art of vengeance appear effortless in the fourth volume of her Dark-Hunters series. The hero is brave and powerful, while heroine Sunshine is the epitome of her name. Pairing an emotionally gripping storyline with charming artwork, this tale is entrancing! Be prepared for poetic words and stunning scenes. Readers should note that although the traditional fiction version of this tale has love scenes, this manga has been toned down so it is appropriate for readers of all ages. Nonetheless, this volume will leave fans anxious for more manga by Kenyon and Campos.

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Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness, Act III: A Thousand Waters
By Barbara Hambly , Ron Randall, James Taylor, Mike Garcia, Jason Levine and Glen Orbik

Hambly delivers a satisfying conclusion to her Steelyard series with this final book. Although the story includes several unexpected twists, this entertaining volume lags in a few places. Additionally, the art strays from the character’s original depiction often, which may disappoint some readers. However those looking for an interesting, historical adventure should be sure to check out the Anne Steelyard series.

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Ruth also suggests that readers check out author Anne Elizabeth's popular Pulse of Power series. The series second, The Pendulum, is in stores now and you can read the *Web Exclusive Review* here. For more about new (and upcoming) supernatural stories, you can also check out our Everything Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Page and don't forget to enter to win the RT's Paranormal Prize Pack by telling us what creepy creature you used to think was hiding under your bed here!