From Soap Actress To Author

Superstar soap opera actress Lisa Rinna is now wowing fans in a whole new way. This Days of Our Life and Melrose Place veteran is making her fiction debut with Starlit, the story of a waitress who becomes a star — and then must deal with the consequences of fame. So we caught up with the actress to find out what it was like for her to become an author!

You've been in the public eye for so long as an actress, what reaction did you get from friends and fans when you announced you were going to start writing?
Well they know I like to do things outside of the box and things that scare me and so I don't think anyone was that surprised :)

How do you prepare to write? What are books and/or authors that inspire you?
I just do it. I think about what I'd like to read about and I think the more personal the better! I love Gigi Levangie Grazer, Danielle Steel and of course Jackie Collins!

As an actress, you have had to take on many different personas. Does this skill help you jump into the head of your characters in Starlit?
Yes, I think it must be since these characters came quite easily!

Other than being a successful soap opera actress, what do you have in common with your main character Tally Jones?
She's a fighter, a survivor she has tenacity she goes after what she wants she is vulnerable yet she is able to pick herself back up she is very focused and she is a true Romantic! Yet she loves the bad boys! :)

The RT reviewer called the plot for Starlit "outrageous" but also tons of fun. I think that the terms "outrageous" and "fun" are a great summation of what non-celebrities may think about Hollywood stars' lives. Just how close to reality did you stick to when creating Tally Jones' life and how much is pure fantasy? 
Well that's the fun part! A lot of this comes from Reality Gone Wild I'd say- or reality on steroids!!!! So much fun I gotta tell ya!

What can you tell us about your next writing project? 
Might be fun to write a book with my hubby! Maybe a he said, she said- I don't know, I'd like to do more fiction. It was so much fun!

You can pick up your own copy of Lisa Rinna’s Starlit in stores today!