Sophie Littlefield Invites Readers Inside Her Aftertime Series

We raved about Sophie Littlefield's new series starter, Aftertime, back in March when the book hit shelves. The post-apocalyptic story about a mother named Cass who is trying to get back to her daughter Ruthie won that month's Seal of Excellence and had the RT editors singing its praises with such endorsements as, "Reading Aftertime will make you realize how lucky you are to have running water, fresh food, a job, friends and no flesh-eating zombies trying to kill you outside the door...This is one you’ll be sad to finish, but luckily a sequel is coming out ..."

We are overjoyed that the series second, Rebirth, is out now so everyone can get more of this terrifying world full of cannibalistic zombies called Beaters, intricate conspiracies and dangerous characters with dark pasts. But be warned, just like Aftertime left readers wanting more, Rebirth will have you asking when you can get your hands on more of this series. 

Thankfully Sophie Littlefield is not leaving us out in the cold. The author has made a series of extras available for Aftertime fans.

First, even for those of you who haven't been able to pick up the first novel  — or if you have and loved it — this book trailer sets up the series nicely. (And, it more than a little bit scary if we do say so ourselves.)

Watch The Aftertime Series Book Trailer >>

But the video isn't the only way you can get in on this post-apocalyptic action. You can download your own copy of "Survivors", the new free e-novella set in the Aftertime world, here. "Survivors" gives readers a look at a nearly wild little boy and his grandmother who live in the Box nearby the temporary home that Cass has set up with her daughter, Ruthie, and her partner, Smoke.  

And for even more Aftertime extras, reader can also check out the series' Facebook Page. There the author posts exclusive content, discusses zombies and beyond, and recommends related reads.  

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