Southern Charm: Wedding Dresses for the Southern Romance Heroine

Romance reading is an addiction we all have, and seeing our heroines find their HEA is a joy. Sometimes we get a glimpse of the couple's wedding celebration, sometimes not. But we all know what's comin’, right?

I had the unique pleasure of setting my Harlequin Desire debut, His by Design, in a wedding gown design firm in Atlanta, GA. Sloan and Ziara spend the book trying to answer the question: What innovative yet traditional wedding gown design will attract the modern bride? So today I thought it would be fun to share some fashion ideas for the Southern bride.

Now, I know in recent years, with the rise in popularity of the TV show My Big Redneck Wedding, many people expect Southern brides to look like this:

But I assure you, I've seen some very tasteful, Southern-themed weddings, where grace, femininity and love abound. Atlanta is also the setting of one incarnation of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress and the annual Running of the Brides at the Atlanta location of Filene's Basement. So let's see some fashion options for a Southern heroine!

Something like this would be beautiful for a traditional, romantic wedding in an antebellum mansion:

Or a more modern twist on the same:

Sloan's innovative design ideas brought some exciting changes to Eternity Designs, but one of the most interesting was the subtle use of color in bridal gowns. These would be beautiful for outdoor weddings:


And these would be beautiful for the modern, Southern bride:



I hope these provide some inspiration for your own bridal dreams, or dreams of those Southern heroines we all love so much!

Are you a fan of vintage gowns, or do you prefer a pop of color? Either way, romance fans are sure to enjoy Dani Wade's debut Harlequin Desire, His by Design, out now. And for genre news and coverage, visit our Everything Romance Page.