Spoiled: Anna Campbell On Her Upcoming Series - Sons Of Sin

Anna Campbell’s historical romances have earned her a sterling reputation. For many readers Campbell’s books are auto-buys, and that’s certain true for several of the romance lovers here at RT!  

RT’s Senior Reviewer Kathe Robin perfectly captures Campbell’s charms when she said of the author’s latest novel, the RT Top Pick! Midnight’s Wild Passion, “It isn’t just the sensuality she weaves into her story that makes Campbell a fan favorite, it’s also her strong, three-dimensional characters, sharp dialogue and deft plotting. Campbell intuitively knows how to balance the key elements of the genre and give readers an irresistible, memorable read.”

And next up, the author will be delivering not one, but three books, for her Sons of Sin series (try saying that three times fast!). The author revealed a peek behind the curtain, letting RT know what readers can expect from her next venture. She told us, “It’s a trilogy set in the late Regency featuring three heroes, united as friends from their schooldays, who all overcome scandal in their background to achieve true love and lasting happiness with the women of their dreams.” This certainly sounds like a recipe for perfection to us. There are few things we love better than a bad boy hero, redeemed by the power of true love — except of course, a heroine who is strong enough to “stand by her man” no matter the censure that she and her hero face from society!

When we chatted, the author shared, “This is my first series and I’m terrifically excited about it.” And of course, we are too. Campbell demonstrates with each of her tales her skills at crafting layered characters and unexpected plot twists. So it will be a true treat to watch her grow these characters over the course of several books. And the author certainly isn’t afraid of the hard work ahead of her, she told us, “I look forward to writing more of the classic romance themes and sexual tension that I had such fun exploring in Midnight’s Wild Passion. It’s so rewarding working with a larger cast of characters across a wider canvas and revisiting characters in connected stories (I’m currently writing the second book in the series) — the heroes of the second and third book play cameo, but important roles in Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed.”

We, of course, had to press the author for a few more details about series starter Seven Nights (beyond our — incredibly educated — guess that somewhere along the line, someone will spend some time in a bed that belongs to a rake.)

“I think you can safely say someone spends SEVEN nights in a rogue’s bed in this one! This story is a very Gothic take on the Beauty and the Beast legend. Jonas Merrick is scarred and quite beastly when he meets brave, beautiful Sidonie Forsythe, but like all good BATB stories, there’s a magical transformation lurking in his future. I came up with the idea for this story during a fun discussion about fairytale elements in romance with my critique partner and good friend Annie West. The opening scene where Sidonie arrives at Castle Craven in a thunderstorm, ready to challenge Jonas’s wicked schemes, popped into my mind and I had to find out what happened next.”

And now we’re equally intrigued! A Beauty and the Beast theme, Gothic elements, two delicious friends who will cameo in Seven Nights and then get their own love stories next! We can’t imagine anything more delicious. Unfortunately, we have a bit of a wait for this series as Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed won't be out until September 25th. But in the meantime, readers can pick up a copy of Anna Campbell’s latest release, Midnight’s Wild Passion available now.