Spoiled: Aprilynne Pike's Earthbound - With An Exclusive Excerpt

Spoiled shares a look at the books you can't wait to read, long before they hit stores. Today author Aprilynne Pike gives RT readers a peek inside her new paranormal YA series starer Earthbound before hits stores in July. Get her take on what it's like writing a heroine with special abilities, what the romance in her new series is like and more. Plus, we offer readers an exclusive excerpt at the end of this post!


In your upcoming release, Earthbound, Tavia Michaels faces loss — her parents die in a plane crash. But she also gains something — the knowledge that she has special abilities. How does her newfound talents help her deal with her grief?

At the very least it's a distraction. Tavia is lucky enough to not discover her powers until about six months after her parents' deaths and that gives her some time to deal with her grief. It also allowed me, as an author, to not have to dismiss her grief and replace it with magical adventures because I feel like that would cheapen her loss. However, by the time she discovers she's not who she thought she was, she's barely ready to deal with a new crisis. Poor Tavia, I torture her so.

Tavia can literally create matter out of nothing. If you had this skill what would you do with it?

Make chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

But seriously, I would do so many things. I guess I would literally just take myself out of the economy and make everything I needed (wanted!). I would totally make the house of my dreams and design my own clothes, and basically be a selfish wench. :) I like to think that after making a few pink ponies I would realize the masses of good I could do and I would help with world-threatening problems like poverty and hunger. But as Tavia learns in Earthbound, even that isn't as simple as waving her hands.

But chocolate first. I have priorities!

Your heroine is facing an evil group — the Reduciata. What can you tell us about this society and its members?

The Reduciata has almost become it's own character. I am a huge believer in the inherent goodness of people, but when things go wrong in any society or culture, it almost always goes back to a strong thread of selfishness. The Reduciata is really that selfishness incarnate. It's a society that seeks to promote the "elite" within it. To return the supernatural beings to the status they feel they deserve. They are a violent, dark group, but one that presents it's ultimate goals as very appealing. Seductive even. But at it's core, so very selfish. And although the Reduciata is run by these powerful supernatural beings, it's true failing is that it embodies this very human weakness.

An Aprilynne Pike novel wouldn't be complete without romance. What is on the horizon for Tavia? Does she have a special someone?

Oh, Tavia has a very, very special someone. I can't say too much about the specifics here, but let's just say that chapter three of the sequel is the steamiest scene I've ever had in one of my YA books. ;) I am, and always have been, a sucker for romance, so absolutely your can expect tons of both romance and romantic tension in the sequel!!

Many readers fell in love with your writing when reading the amazing Wings series. These books are filled with fairies and fantastical settings, while Earthbound has a more paranormal tone. What made you decide to switch up your subgenre?

Because I was finished writing my faeries and I had to go somewhere! I love faeries and when I finished the Wings story, I wasn't sure where to go because Wings was provoked by the simple thought, "Hey! I want to write a YA about faeries!" And faeries will always be the very best supernatural creatures in my mind. But unless I wanted to reinvent faeries all over again, it was time for another creature. Moving to Earthbound wasn't a conscious shift in genre, it was simply knowing I had to write something else and this is where my imagination landed me.

Earthbound will be releasing on July 30, can you tell us a bit about your project after this?

I'm currently drafting the sequel to Earthbound (still title-less) and am excited for it's release next summer! I am, um, killing of a rather large number of people in this book. Tavia better hustle or there won't be much of a world left to save! I'm also working on a supernatural thriller about a teenaged Oracle who has been trained her whole life to fight her powers and visions, but when she starts seeing her classmates brutally murdered, she can't stand around and do nothing. Super excited about that one too. Very dark and kind of scary!

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