Spoiled: Dakota Cassidy's Upcoming Contemporary Romance, Talk Dirty To Me

Spoiled shares a look at the books you can't wait to read, long before they hit stores. Today romance author Dakota Cassidy gives RT readers a peek inside her just-announced contemporary tale Talk Dirty to Me. Discover what inspired Cassidy to create her former "mean girl" heroine, the sexy competition the hero and heroine must compete in order to win a hefty sum, how this author feels about genre-hopping, plus when you can get your hands on this upcoming release!


Congrats on your book contract for Talk Dirty To Me! We are very excited to get to know your newest heroine, Dixie Davis. We hear that she is a reformed "mean girl". Did you base her on anyone you know in real life?

Thank you, Morgan! I'm so excited to be a part of the HQ/Mira family!

And LOL — no. She's not based on anyone I know in real life. However, she's a bit like the heroine from GCB (the now cancelled TV show — booo). I fell wildly in love with the show and the former "mean girl" aspect of one of the leads. She knew she'd done horrible things to people when she was in high school as a means to her own end. Her return, 20 years later, stirred up a lot of issues for the women she went to high school with. Women who mostly want to make her pay for her cruel pranks. Oddly, they didn't stir up as many issues for her. Instead, she came back home and rather than constantly apologize for her prior bad deeds, she simply set about making things right with everyone. Even when the "everyone's" involved aren't so receptive. She just keeps right on doing good. I adored that about her and fashioned Dixie much in the same light :) Dixie owns her bad reputation, and while she'll definitely use it to her advantage from time to time, she's not wasting time apologizing or begging her way back into the circle she once ruled — she takes action.

One thing that I always love about a "Dakota heroine" is that they are smart, sassy and not afraid to say what they think (even when it would probably be better for them if they kept their mouths shut!) Do you ever censor Dixie or is what you see (or should I say what you read) is what you get?

Well, thank you much! As to Dixie — I don't necessarily censor her, but she does have a softer, more diplomatic touch to her than most of my heroines. So let's just say she's very creative in how she finds ways to share her opinion. Unless, of course, she's with her ex-fiancé, Caine Donovan. Then it's sort of no holds barred, hot, sexy banter. He has a way of making her absolutely crazy, and seeing as their relationship when they were growing up together was very competitive, Dixie's exceptionally creative in finding ways to best him. And okay, she's not afraid to blow the top off her filter when Caine's in the mix.

The book's title Talk Dirty To Me means business — big business. Dixie is in her hometown to take over a phone sex company. This is pretty racy stuff. Does Dixie ever wonder if she is cut out for this kind of work?

First, let me clarify the premise: Dixie returns home to her small town of Plum Orchard, GA after an ugly, very public breakup seven years prior to attend her eccentric, rich, wildly wacky best friends funeral — Landon Wells. They've been best friends since childhood, and their families were tight-knit growing up. Add in the hero, Caine Donovan, and you have three BFFs who've known each other all their lives. When Dixie and Caine had their ugly breakup, Landon remained a steadfast friend to both of them until his death. 

So both Caine and Dixie return to their hometown and upon their devoted friend's last request, they attend the reading of Landon's will. Wherein, Landon leaves the two people he loved most in the world one final, but typically "Landon" challenge. Landon secretly owned a very successful phone sex company called Call Girls Inc. If Dixie and Caine want to cash in on those millions of dollars and win the title of sole owner, they have to play what I've fondly dubbed the Talk Dirty To Me Games! According to the will, both Dixie and Caine have to open up their own phone sex lines, create a phone sex persona, and whomever garners the most clients at the end of a one month period wins the entire booty!

So long answer long, Dixie's pretty freaked out. But she's also in debt up to her eyeballs after her restaurant in Chicago goes bankrupt. So she's mostly willing to do whatever she has to pay back her investors and pay off her credit cards. Dixie, a little too sure of herself while the adrenaline of the chance to get out of debt is high, figures she's a woman with a hot voice, so she's got it all sewn up. Caine's a guy — what can he possibly offer to phone-sex? But she forgets one thing — Caine can impersonate voices, celebrities, etc. and he's not shy when it comes to outlasting Dixie in any sort of competition. So yeah, a lot of the time she wonders what she's gotten herself into — until she finds her niche in the phone-sex world — one that might surprise you... :)

While Dixie is trying to get her professional life in order, her personal life is in turmoil when she is reunited with her ex-fiancé. Did she ever think she would see him again? What is her first reaction when she does?

Her first reaction is that he's still as sexy and arrogant as he ever was, and no matter how angry she still is with him, she still finds him madly attractive. Dixie has always loved Caine — but their parting was anything but peaceful when she broke off their engagement seven years ago. She fought hard against the notion she'd ever have to see him again — even while she remained tight with their mutual best friend. So having no choice about being around Caine again is trying and smokin' hot. Add in the fact that they'll now have to compete against one another to win their friend's phone sex company and that their relationship was once hotter than lava and Dixie's a bit of an internal mess. But her motto's always been "Never let Caine see me sweat!" LOL!

You go back and forth from writing fun, snarky paranormals to writing fun, snarky contemporaries (we are sensing a pattern here!) What does each genre offer you that makes you unable to decide between the two?

They both offer me challenges. I adore paranormals because I can make up the nuttiest stuff and dare the world at large to prove I'm wrong. I love contemporaries because it forces me to find creative ways to get my characters out of situations realistically — well, mostly. :) I've been very lucky in that I've been able to write in both genres, so you won't hear me complain. :)

Do you have any word yet when Talk Dirty To Me will be released? And do you have anything coming out in the meantime to tide readers over?

As of right now, we're looking at spring of 2014 for the releases, and I know it's a long wait, but that's because I have to write them what seems like all at once. LOL! But there's good news — all three of the books in the series and a connecting novella will be released back-to-back — so no waiting between releases! Also, next up is The Accidental Genie in December, and I can't wait for everyone to meet Jeannie (yeah, I named her Jeannie), and her former playboy hottie Sloan!

Keep an eye out for Talk Dirty to Me, which hits shelves in 2014. And for even more Dakota Cassidy-action, be sure to check out her blog! You can also find other fantastic romance books and genre news on our Everything Romance Page.