SPOILED: Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr

Nobody delivers an emotional punch to the heart quite like YA author Sara Zarr, whose How to Save a Life was an RT Top Pick! and 2012 Best Young Adult Novel Award Nominee. And now, with her newly announced book Gem & Dixie, Zarr is set to take readers on yet another rollercoaster ride of family drama and intrigue.

In Gem & Dixie, two sisters at war with each other wind up on the run. They must decide if they can put aside their issues to work together, or if some troubles are too much to ignore. Set against the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Gem & Dixie sounds awesome.

When asked what inspired her new book, Zarr told us, “The idea for Gem & Dixie came when I'd been playing around with these characters — sisters with a father who pits them against each other as part of how he manipulates the family. I wondered what kind of conflict would have the potential to either force them to become allies or tear them apart further, what would give the initially ‘weaker’ sister more power.”

Zarr also found this project would be a great way to get away from the “cars, kitchens and coffee shops” her stories usually take place in, as she wanted to “raise the stakes.

“In some ways it’s simply a much higher-concept take on the kind of family drama my readers know me for,” Zarr said. “On the other hand, I have a feeling the final outcome is going to be a whole new thing for me, and I'm excited about the challenge of doing it well in hopes of creating that ultimate reader experience I'm always looking for myself!”

Intrigued? We sure are! Too bad the book we have to wait until fall of 2015. For those unfamiliar with Zarr’s previous works, now is a great time to catch up! And for more YA authors, books and buzz, head on over to our Everything Young Adult Page!