Spoiled: Katie Porter's New Boston Boys Series

Spoiled shares a look at the books you can't wait to read, long before they hit stores. The end of Katie Porter's Vegas Top Guns series is definitely bittersweet, but I was eager to learn more about their next project, The Boston Boys — an erotic romantic suspense series following a group of civilian ops as they track down a Russian villainess and, of course, find lasting love. How do these guys find time to hunt down baddies and get down and dirty? Is Boston really that sexy? When can readers get book 1, Own? Lucky for me the authors had all these answers, and more!


The Boston Boys are a Boston-based team of special forces and civilian operatives who are after an ex-KGB female villain. And these boys aren't just badass military guys, there also pretty kinky. We're sensing a theme here! What is it about military men and kink for you two?

I feel like this would be a good opportunity for visual aids. :) Men in uniform, what's not to love, right? Military men are sexy, determined and a particular style of guy. They're hardcore. So why wouldn't the things they like in the bedroom be hardcore too?

Plus, writing about military men and women is quite simply fun. They're people who get to go play with things the rest of us hardly think about. Set a scene at an office...or set a scene in an F-16, thousands of feet above the earth? No contest!

With missions to complete and people to save, I'm surprised the Boston Boys even have time to get busy! How do you balance action, suspense and sex in this series?

Well, this will still be the erotic romance that Katie Porter is known for, so the focus will be more on the sex. I admire those authors who tightly weave action and suspense and manage to write books that are thrill a minute so much! We're aiming for the Boston Boys books to have the same sorts of thrills, but they'll be a little less packed than an actual romantic suspense. More like the action of one or two hard core romantic suspense books balanced in an arc that'll stretch over the whole five-book series. More time for getting naughty! 

Your first book, Own, features a young, dominant special ops agent. Can you tell us a little bit about this first hero?

Marcus is a bit of a playboy. The son of a senator, he only went into the military to make his dad look good and get a raise in his trust fund, but he's discovered he loves the structure and discipline. He loves being in charge, basically. He also likes horrible horror films and working on fast cars. Though he'd disagree that the horror movies he likes are horrible. And he also wouldn't want me to tell you that he jumps really easily when watching them. He can also field strip and reassemble an M16 in less than a minute. 

I'm especially intrigued by the dangeours Russian hit woman the Boys spend the duration of the series trying to hunt down, and was happy to see she gets her own book (the series finale). An overarching plot that stretches the length of a contemporary-set erotica series isn't too common. What are your tricks for staying so organized with plotting?

Timelines. Writing out timelines ahead of time is absolutely mandatory. 

We actually learned this the hard way — because the Vegas Top Guns series was erotic romance with no suspense elements, we didn't plot it out before we started writing. That proved to have been a mistake. For the last two books, we had to sit down with the first three and figure out what was going on after the fact. 

We're not making that mistake with the Boston Boys. We've already written out the backstory timeline, and the five-book timeline is in the works right now. 

And I have to ask, why Boston?

Because Boston is awesome! 

But more particularly, because it's an Eastern Seaboard city with few already-existing ties to military or civil defense units. We're playing make believe for the Boston Boys' unit. We didn't want to accidentally stumble into locations that would call to mind other branches of surveillance. We wanted room to think big. ;) 

Besides, Boston really is awesome. It's such a fun city, and have you heard their accents? Pretty darn sexy. 

Finally, when can we get our hands on Own?

Own will be out May 2014! 


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