Spoiled: Larissa Ione Answers Our Questions About Reaver

The dark, dangerous and addictive Demonica series has propelled paranormal romance author Larissa Ione onto bestseller lists and into readers' hearts. Continuing in this world with the spin off Lords of Deliverance series, these books feature cursed demons, deadly assassins and harbingers of death — and these are the good guys. So you can only imagine the evil our heroes and heroines are up against! Larissa continues her intense storytelling with the December release of Reaver. Fans have been begging for this rogue angel's story and the author delivers in a big way by teaming Reaver up with Harvester, a 'Fallen' heroine who is in the process of infiltrating Satan's lair. Needless to say, there is a lot happening in this upcoming release, so we just had to ask the author what we can expect from Reaver.  


Reaver may be an angel, but his attitude is anything but angelic. What from his attitude caused him so much pain that he has adopted his bad boy persona? 

Ooh, good question! A lot of his attitude comes from the fact that he's bitter about having lost his memory (and about no one remembering him, either.) But I'd say that most of who he is, bad attitude and all, stems from things that happened in that past ... even though he can't remember. He simply IS an angel with an attitude, and the reasons behind that become clear in the book as the truth of his past and who he is is revealed.

Harvester is a Fallen, and given up her wings for the greater good. What about her past has made her give up her status as an angel? 

Before Harvester was a fallen angel, she was Verrine, a Heavenly angel who believed that very little was more sacred than holding to an oath. When she swore to watch over the children who would eventually become the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, she meant it even if she had to give up her wings to journey into hell.

Harvester, Reaver — the names you picked for this novel are seriously awesome. Can you explain how you came up with them? 

Honestly, when Reaver's name was first mentioned in Pleasure Unbound, I chose it because I just like it. Sounds ominous without being scary. So it was perfect for an angel who had lost his wings but wasn't "fully" a fallen angel yet. And given his past ... well, I can't really go into his past without spoiling his book, but let's just say that his name works for him. :) As far as Harvester, that one came about because, again, I just liked it and it has that ominous tone without being blatantly evil. It also made sense for her because she's a bit of a "gatherer" or "harvester" of information.

If you had a "Demonica" name, what would they call you? 

Hmm ... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get anything scary or even ominous. It would be something embarrassing, like Klutz.

It looks like the majority of Reaver is going to take place in hell. Can you describe the setting — lots of fire and brimstone or something else? 

There's some fire, brimstone, lava ... and lots and lots of weirdness. Each realm in Sheoul (hell) is different, just as Alaska is different from Egypt. One of the realms you'll read about is sort of a Tim Burton-esque land, with tall, creepy denizens and blackened, claw-like trees. So there's a huge variety of settings, and I had so much fun writing each one!

Can you give your readers a few tips for surviving in hell? 

Act like you belong there. Fake being a total badass. Always, always, always shoot first and ask questions later. Also, take lots of water. Dehydration kills, and you'll look like an idiot if you die from thirst in a place where you should at least die at the hands of a creepy demon.

Is there a favorite scene you wrote for this book? 

I don't think I have a favorite, which is strange, because I ALWAYS have a favorite scene. But I'm sure the reason I don't have a favorite scene is that I truly LOVE every scene in which Reaver and Harvester are together. They are absolutely electric together, and I adore writing them.

Reaver and Harvester take center stage in Larissa Ione's December release Reaver. In the meantime, there are plenty of Demonica books to keep you entertained — you can view the complete list on the author's website. And if you are looking for more dark, supernatural reads, check out RT's Everything Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Page!