Spoiled: Tiffany Reisz On What Readers Can Expect In The Mistress

If you're a fan of Tiffany Reisz's kinky Original Sinners series, you've probably got one big question on your mind: Who will Nora choose? Reisz's last book, The Prince, left us with a cliffhanger, and the final book in the author's quartet will finally reveal who Nora truly loves: The young, vanilla Wesley or longtime Dom Søren. Today the author shares some details about what readers can expect in The Mistress.

Not a day passes online that one of my readers doesn't call me a sadist. Some writers might take this as an insult, but in the world of The Original Sinners, it's something of a compliment. Even if it wasn't I could hardly argue. I left my readers at the end of The Prince (book three in the series) with a nasty cliffhanger. My leading lady, Mistress Nora Sutherlin, is gone. Poof. Vanished. All that we know is someone from Kingsley and Søren's past is involved, someone with a grudge. 

Like Søren, I wear my sadist badge proudly. I knew from the moment I started plotting all the books in the series that book three would end with the proverbial excrement hitting the metaphorical oscillator. I have a Dominatrix for a leading lady. She's tough as nails, funny and fearless, and almost congenitally incapable of settling down with just one man and behaving herself for more than five minutes at a time. But it's easy to be funny and fearless when your only opponents are a grumpy editor or a nosy reporter. I wanted to see how tough my Nora really is. I wanted her to face real danger, real mortal peril and see how she took it. For years now she's been dishing out the pain. I wanted to see how well she could take it.

In book four, The Mistress, Nora awakes and finds herself in the clutches of an old enemy who is holding her hostage. Nora knows she has to give her captors a reason to keep her alive. She buys time by telling stories, turning into a modern-day Scheherazade. Unlike Scheherazade, however, Nora's stories are true, not legends. When interrogated over the supposed sins of her past, Nora spins erotic tales of the most important men in her life — Wesley, Kingsley, and Søren — and the passionate nights she spent with them.

In story number one, she is forced to explain why she loves Wesley, a young man so entirely different from her and her world. In her second story, she reveals a dark secret about Kingsley and then tells her captor something about Søren even Kingsley doesn't know. In her final story, she explains the origin of her most precious possession, an item her captor threatens to burn if Nora can't choose once and for all who she loves more — Søren or Wesley. The stories buy her would-be rescuers desperately needed time. And when Kingsley overhears one of her stories while he's trying to save her, everything he thought he knew about love is called into question.

In book one, The Siren, Nora's writing comes between her and the men she loves. In book four, The Mistress, Nora's way with words might be the only thing between her and certain death. 

"Tell me a story."

"You're going to have to talk to my agent," Nora said. "She handles all the book deals."


Damon stepped forward again, knife at the ready.

"Once upon a time," Nora began...

- Tiffany Reisz

You can get your hands on a copy of The Mistress when it releases July 30. In the meantime, visit our Everything Erotica Page for more steamy love stories.