Spotlight On Reunion Romances - With Giveaway!

Who can resist heartwarming stories of sweethearts torn apart, only to meet again and rekindle their romance? We've got reunion romances on our mind, and all week long we will be featuring tales of love lost and found again. Today find out about five of our favorite reunion reads, then tell us which reunion tale you love to win a special prize pack!

Morgan's Pick: My choice is The Gift by Julie Garwood — an oldie, but a goodie. The historical romance starts out with the uneasy wedding, ordered by the king, between the stoic Nathan and tempestuous Sara. The groom and bride are fourteen and four, respectively. Directly after the ceremony, teenager Nathan sets off for parts unknown leaving Sara to grow up dreaming of the day he will return to rescue her from her despicable family. But when Nathan finally shows, years later, the long haired, silent pirate is hardly the man of Sara's dreams. In this book Garwood takes the naive heroine to the extreme with the head-in-the-clouds Sara, but it is hard not to be charmed by the bold, yet innocent miss whose only desire in life is to be loved. The reader will laugh in amusement at Nathan's predicament of having to cater to an unpredictable wife as he tries to convince her, unsuccessfully, that he is no knight in shining armor.

Janine's Pick: Want a pair of reunited lovers you can't forget? Just pick up the new Maya Banks' e-book Long Road Home. Jules' vacation to France was suppose to be just a short post-college jaunt before she gets engaged to her childhood sweetheart Manny. But when she is kidnapped and forced into becoming a terrorist for an underground organization looking for revenge, Jules knows that there can be no happy reunion with Manny — especially after she learns he is an agent with the CIA. This story has plenty of action and sizzle, but what really makes this romantic suspense stand out is the love that these two have for each other — it is not just a feeling, but more the core of these characters. Jules and Manny have lived their whole lives in preparation to be together, so when that dream is taken away, all is lost. Sustaining on only memories of better times, they are two halves of a whole, never complete without the other — sigh!

Whitney's Pick: My most recent favorite "reunion couple" is from It's Always Been You, the latest historical romance by Victoria Dahl. As teens, young lovers Kate and Aiden were separated when, after an argument, Kate's overbearing parents shipped her off to an exotic locale and told Aidan she'd perished at sea. When Aidan catches a glimpse of a Kate look-alike years later, he discovers that she has recently returned to England after her husband's mysterious death. Although the pair cannot deny their passion is their any hope that they may have a future together? Dahl keeps the tension high through the entire book, adding elements such as Kate's coffee shop and her stepson's threats.

Dawn's Pick: A few years ago I picked up Sherry Thomas' debut Private Arrangements and was totally blown away. After ten years of living with a sham marriage Gigi, Lady Tremaine finally asks her husband Camden for a divorce. But Camden needs an heir and will only let her go after he gets a son. While this may seem like one of the most unromantic beginnings to a story, perhaps ever, the author's clever language and ability to paint each scene with tender emotion never ceases to amaze me each time I pick up this book for a reread. 

Kate's Pick: My favorite reunited lovers are Haven and Iain, the teen soul mates in Kirsten Miller's young adult series, The Eternal Ones. They are reincarneted lovers, so they have life times of loving and losing. The stories stand out because of Miller's beautiful recreations of historical details, strong paranormal undertones and the dark and mysterious Oroborus society all add up to equal one incredibly intriguing fast-paced adventure. The Eternal Ones is an absolutely outstanding series and I can't wait for the next installment.


Want more reincarnated lovers? You can follow the action all week long from this blog post as we bring you author interviews, a special reunited lovers-themed Dish and more. And be sure to tell us which reunited couple has you swooning to be entered to win the first two books in The Eternal Ones series!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Three lucky readers will each win their own set of the first two books in The Eternal Ones series. To enter leave a comment with your favorite reunited lovers or email your comment here with your name and U.S. mailing adress. the winners will be announced on Friday, September 23.


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