Spotlight On Time Travel Tales

Whitney and I both love tales of time travel. So when better than the dog days of summer to feature stories about people coming and going across time? All this week we will be taking readers behind the scenes with some of our favorite time travel author aficionados and then we will share a look at what’s ahead for fans to anticipate! But we also wanted to do a bit of time traveling ourselves, so we decided to rewind to a few weeks ago to give you an insider's look at the conversation we had that prompted our spotlight on time travel romances ...

(Out the blue) Morgan: You know what book I love — Jude Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining ArmorIt is one of those stories that every romance fan should read at least once. 

Whitney: Time travel romance is hard to pull off, but Deveraux is a master. Another one of hers that really stands out for me is her reincarnation story Remembrance

Morgan: Let's spotlight time travel on the site! And we can choose our favorites to share.

Whitney: I call Remembrance! 

Morgan: Wait, you can't just call Remembrance

Whitney: I just did.

Morgan: Well, I call foul. You can't just take it.


Morgan: Come on —

Whitney: I’m talking in caps. That's how much I love that book.

Morgan: That book belongs to everyone. 

Whitney: Stoled. It happened.

Morgan: EVERYONE. (You are not the only one who uses caps.)

Whitney: It’s all mine nowwww. I’m whisking it to my volcano of solitude as we speak.

Morgan: How about this — we can spotlight our favorite books, movies and television shows that feature time traveling characters including Remembrance and A Knight in Shining Armor

Whitney: Also Karen Marie Moning Highlanders, sometimes they are fae, sometimes they are simply cursed but these kilted gentlemen make time traveling look g-double-o-d, good!

Morgan: And we wouldn’t be talking time travel if we didn’t mention the fantastic Diana Gabaldon with her ever-popular hero Jamie and his partner to the linearly challenged Claire.

Whitney: You know when I read her books I didn’t do anything else, didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t go to class (don’t tell my parents!). It was all Jamie all the time! But I think if we are going to talk about people being “out of sync” with time, I have a special spot in my heart for The Time Traveler’s Wife.


Because the two of us could go back and forth forever (pardon my time pun) instead of just chatting about our faves, we’ve provided you with a list of our 25 top time travel tales. That's right we've rounded up our picks for the best time travel books, movies and television shows to get you ready for the rest of the week.


Morgan’s Top Five Reads
Jude Deveraux’s Knight in Shining Armour
Teresa MedeirosTouch of Enchantment
Linda Lael Miller’s Knights
Sandra Hill’s The Last Viking
Nora RobertsTime and Again

Whitney’s Top Five Reads
Jude Deveraux’s Remembrance
Karen Marie Moning’s Highlanders series
Connie WillisDoomsday Book  and To Say Nothing of the Dog
Angela Knight’s Jane’s Warlord
Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series

Five Office Favorite Time Travel Series (besides the above)
Janet Chapman’s Highlanders series
Lynn Kurland’s MacLeod series
Melissa Mayhue’s Daughters of the Glenn series
Brenda Joyce’s Masters of Time series
Gwyn Cready’s Flirting With Forever

Five Great Time Travel Movies
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (and the sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey)
The Back to the Future Saga
The Terminator films
Groundhog Day
Somewhere in Time

Five Great Time Travel Television Shows
Quantum Leap
Dr. Who
Land of the Lost
Lost in Space

So we want to know, what are your favorite time travel tales — and which authors are you hoping to hear from in the week ahead? And remember you can check back on this blog post all week to keep up with our latest time travel focused blog posts.

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