Spruce Up Your TBR Pile: Futuristic Eroticas

You know what makes sex better? When it takes place in space, or on a different planet, or with an alien … or all of the above. So if you’re seeking a break from the limited options of sex on terra firma, we suggest you get your head in the clouds by “booking” a passage to somewhere truly different. Today we talk to Heather Massey, author and founder of The Galaxy Express, one of the leading sci fi romance fan sites, about what makes sexy futuristic eroticas so fun and then round up some go-to genre reads that will help you 3, 2, 1 … blastoff!


Genre enthusiast Massey says that spicy futuristic reads are appealing because these stories venture into some really wild territory. "Readers love them because they frequently offer the freedom to explore sexual adventures with heroes and heroines whose basic natures are otherworldly in nature. These characters are aliens or a mixture of human and machine. They embody elements of danger as well as the forbidden."

She continues, "Readers also crave erotic encounters that are fantastical in nature, specifically those that are driven by the unique differences of an alien’s DNA. Want heroes with special appendages who can give their heroines supernova orgasms? Look no further than a spicy futuristic romance! The unique anatomical differences of such characters enhance the erotic encounters in a variety of ways."

When we asked for an example of these "anatomical differences" Massey was quick to cite Lilly Cain’s Alien Revealed which features an alien heroine with “L’inar” nerve lines that manifest during states of arousal. She also mentioned J.L. Hilton’s Stellarnet Rebel, which offers a hero with amphibian qualities. (Hence, he has an unusual way of joining physically with the heroine.)

Massey says that another draw to these erotic stories is that "readers get double the entertainment because many of these tales layer in action-adventure, social commentary, and political elements among the erotic fare. In Erica Anderson’s The Antaren Affair the heroine is trained in the art of pleasure and her skills play a significant political role in the story." And she says for readers who enjoy sensual BDSM elements, "Marcella Burnard’s Enemy Mine series explores issues of trust and lust in a politically charged setting."

Massey's must-reads are certainly out of this world, but which other books are making our radar beep? We've picked out two series that will get your engines revving. And readers with commitment issues, don't worry, we've got you covered, too. We also take a look at five stories that can be read all on their own, no booster units needed!


When it comes to out-of-this-world futuristic erotic romance series, there’s no denying the appeal of Lauren Dane’s Phantom Corps. It is one of strongest futuristic-set erotic romance series available. In these stories a covert special ops team is trying to subvert open warfare between the Imperialist Universe and the democratic Federated Universe. And along the way the tension — and the heat level — is high.

Dane shared that she finds deep space is an aphrodisiac saying, “I love writing futuristics because there's really no limit on what I can create. It's a lot like paranormals in that sense. I can shape a world that is like anything I wish. I can flavor it with Earth based history or not. I can create cultures. I absolutely love that freedom. The creative opportunities for a writer are limitless!”

Dane has just released her series third, Captivated, which RT Reviewer Donna says is “action, adventure, and steaming-hot sex rolled into one attractive package.” Federation military officer Vincenz rescues Hannah Black from the torture of Imperial forces and brings her back to rehabilitate under the watchful eye of his lover, Julian. As Hannah regains her strength, the three embark on a physical relationship, but when this wounded woman gets back into fighting form, will she and her men unlock a world-changing secret?

To find out you’ll have to pick up a copy of Captivated, but we suggest you read all three books in order.

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And if you're looking for passion that will propel you to new heights? Then we also suggest you dive into the Icelandic Chronicles, from the talented Delilah Devlin.

These futuristic erotic romances began with January 2011’s Ravished by a Viking, warrior Dagr is on the hunt for his younger brother who has been taken by the Consortium. But when Dagr seizes a Consortium spaceship and takes the fearless female Captain hostage — will this woman steal his heart and soul? The October 2011 follow-up, Enslaved by a Viking, features Dagr’s brother Eirik. This Viking prince has vows to get revenge on the beautiful bounty hunter Fatin who double-crossed him and the Consortium that she works with. But to find out what happens to these futuristic warriors, you’ll have to check out Devlin’s steamy series!


No Limits by Jenna McCormick is perfect for the reader looking for a fun future-set romp. This story involves a woman who acts like a “secret shopper” for Illustra, a company that runs a male escort service. This futuristic woman gets to test out three men, and it turns out one of these guys bodies has been taken over by an empath named Rhys who is trying to rescue his people (and Earth) from an unspeakable evil. RT’s Jacqui calls this story “quirky” and says about the physical romance, it “comes fast and heavy from the first page.”

Laurann Dohner’s May 2012 release starts the Cyborg Seduction series but it can easily be read as a stand-alone. Burning Up Flint by features alpha male cyborg, Flint, who captures human Mirasia’s space ship and claims her as his own. But will their relationship be enough to make Flint re-think his decision to breed with other women?

The Slipstream Con by S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore is an intriguing futuristic tale of cat and mouse. Bounty hunters Tal and Vanya have been chasing con man Kellen Frey for three years, but when he gets into trouble, he comes to them for help. They lock him up in order to transport the sexy man to the empire, but he gets free time and time again. Will these three be able to fight their attraction long enough to get him into custody — and by the time the ship gets there, will Tal and Vanya be willing to give Kellen up? RT’s Donna calls this installment of the Ylendrian Empire books “intricate” going on to say, “It would almost seem like a melodrama if the consequences weren’t so serious.”

Lady Doctor Wyre by Joely Sue Burkhart was nominated for RT’s 2011 Reviewers’ Choice Award in the Paranormal/Fantasy Sci-Fi Erotic Romance category. The novel features inventor Charlotte, Duchess of Wyre, who has fled the oppressive control of Britannia and instead made a new life for herself on Americus, the planet that has recently won its independence. But with a new life comes new love and can Charlotte choose between the assassin who keeps her biomechanics running smoothly and the local sheriff who will do whatever it takes to win her heart? RT’s Kate says of the read, “The futuristic aspects of this story will resonate with those who like such space tales as Whedon’s Firefly, while erotica fans will enjoy the ménage and bondage scenes.”

Evangeline Anderson’s Claimed rounds out this list. RT’s Dawn shares, “[Readers] that want a unique love story with incredibly sexy bonding moments will be very satisfied with this special story.” Intergalactic warrior Baird has been held hostage by evil forces for six months, and thoughts of his human soul mate, Olivia, were the only way he survive the torture. Now that he is free, he’s determined to make her his true mate with a 30-day seduction, but will Olivia give up the life she’s known for a stranger — even one who speaks to her soul?

Did we get your favorite futuristic romance read? Let us know in the comments below! And for more futuristic romance news, be sure to check out RT’s Everything Paranormal Romance Page!