Stephen King Writes The Shining Sequel, Doctor Sleep

Stephen King, master of horror, has crafted some of the most iconic phrases in the genre. Few are more recognizable than "redrum" and Jack Nicholson's "Here's Johnny" from King's 1977 novel The Shining and the 1980 film adaptation of directed by Stanley Kubric. Now, King has just announced that fans are in for more Shining-style horror with his nearly completed sequel, Dr. Sleep.

Horror-lovers should prepare themselves for the next adventure featuring Danny Torrance. The clarivoyant is all-grown up and now treats the terminally ill helping them die painlessly. (We give Danny big props for coming out of his Overlook Hotel experience still functional, because we're still scared and we were only reading the book!) In this new story Danny becomes entangled in a web of nomadic people called “The Tribe” that feed on psychic energy.

Fans got a first look at the book from King himself who shared an excerpt of Dr. Sleep at George Mason University last Friday. We were able to track down a clip of King's speech, including the excerpt!

However, we're still conflicted about King adding another chapter to this golden classic of the horror genre. A large part of what made The Shining so good was that Danny's role as the possessed little kid was terrifying with a capital T. Now that he's grown up, we won't get that effect and so "The Tribe" will have to take disturbing behavior to a whole new level if Dr. Sleep is going to live up to its predecessor. 

There's no word yet on the story's publication date, but we want to know, are you intrigued or would you prefer King left the classic alone?