The Story So Far ... Cat Adams on Their Blood Singer Series

Our latest edition of The Story So Far … features Cat Adams, aka CT Adams and Cathy Clamp, and their super popular Blood Singer series. Book six in the series, To Dance With the Devil, releases this week, so we thought this was a perfect time to take a look back at The Story So Far with the ladies themselves. Here’s what they had to say about each Blood Singer book.

1. Blood Song:

The setup: Celia Graves was a “vanilla” human bodyguard until a job went bad and a master vampire decided to try to bring her over, making her an “abomination” — neither vampire nor fully human.  Now she has three days to save the world, her sanity and her soul.

The scoop: The fun thing about BLOOD SONG was that it hit me in the head like a brick. I was at a con with my co-author and saw a photo in the dealer’s room of a vampire with a black daisy in her teeth. In that moment I had the whole world, the characters, the plot for the first book.

2. Siren Song:

The setup: The vampire bite that made Celia Graves an abomination also activated her latent siren ancestry.  Now she must deal with her enemies and worse — her family. Some of them want her blood; some her soul; all of them want her dead.

The scoop: The second book was trickier. We wanted to explore Celia’s siren heritage, upping the ante both professionally and personally. The fans had gotten to know Celia and the band of friends that had earned her implicit trust. So it was a real shock to everyone (characters, readers and writers included) when Celia was forced to deal with the pain of betrayal by those closest to her.

3. Demon Song:

The setup: An ancient rift between the human and demonic dimensions is being ripped open. Celia’s innate gifts and recent hellish experiences may give her the unique abilities needed to save the world IF she can overcome the effects of a death curse that practically guarantees failure, and overcome the pain of unexpected betrayals.

The scoop: By the third book we were really rolling. To change things up we added a second love interest, a rival who made Celia question her feelings for Bruno, and her plans for the future.

4. The Isis Collar:

The setup: Someone is intent on unleashing a zombie plague on the world — starting with elementary school children.  Can Celia discover who is behind it and stop the spread of the plague before she herself falls victim to it?

The scoop: One of the big risks in a supernatural series is your lead can become too powerful. So it was great to have a book where Celia was vulnerable to the plague being unleashed by the villain too. And zombies?  EWWWWWW.

5. The Eldritch Conspiracy:

The setup: When terrorists threaten violence to disrupt the royal wedding of King Dahlmar of Rusland to Celia’s siren cousin, Princess Adriana, they call on Celia Graves to serve as both bridesmaid and bodyguard, but can she save the day when distracted by a family problems and her boyfriend’s gorgeous ex, who’s made it clear she’ll do absolutely anything to get him back?

The scoop: It was a lot of fun researching royal weddings and wedding planning in general. Forcing Celia to deal with both being a bridesmaid and a bodyguard was a real challenge. Adding in Bruno’s jealous ex-girlfriend and the explosion that destroyed Celia’s office was just icing on the (wedding) cake.

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