Suzanne Brockmann Begins Her New Fighting Destiny Series With Born To Darkness

We are very excited that beloved romantic suspense author Suzanne Brockmann will be kicking off a brand new paranormal series, Fighting Destiny! Today we take a look at what readers can expect from series starter, Born to Darkness, with an exclusive quote from the author on what prompted her newest project which will be releasing in March.

Born to Darkness begins Brockmann's Fighting Destiny series with a story about an ex-Navy SEAL who agrees to be a test subject at the Obermeyer Institute. However, soldier Shane soon realizes that this job is very different from his expectations. Amidst a group of extraordinary humans, he must fight to stop the spread of a designer drug with amazing powers during the hostile climate of America’s second great depression. Further complications arise when Shane and Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie have a one night stand that threatens their working relationship as well as their piece of mind. 

While fans of Brockmann will certainly recognize Navy SEAL characters, the paranormal aspects are certainly something new to the author. We had to ask her why the new subgenre, and here is what she had to say:

“I've been writing the Troubleshooters series since 2000, and I wanted to do something new. And my publisher agreed, because you reach a point as an author where you have to do something a little different in order to keep growing your readership. So it really was a mutual decision — with the understanding, of course, that I can go back at any time and write another TS book or three!

I chose to set the new series in the future, to make the books part romantic suspense, part dramady, and part urban fantasy, because that allows me to make the kind of social commentary that I find I need to make when I write. (Understatement!!!!) I'd been eyeing the paranormal subgenre for a while, and when I came up with the idea for the Fighting Destiny books, it seemed like a really good fit.

In this new series, there's a lot that's similar to my TS books: There are eight main characters (we meet seven of them in Born to Darkness) around whom the ongoing multibook story arc swirls. Those characters work together, bringing their various strengths and weaknesses to a somewhat unusual team. Oh, yeah, and the hero of BtoD is a former Navy SEAL officer. (I confess that I love writing Navy SEAL heroes. And Shane Laughlin was a particularly fun hero to write!)

The big differences are that the books are set several decades in a rather dark and murky future, and that some of the characters have worked and trained relentlessly to access the brain's otherwise hidden powers that include telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability to heal and stay seemingly young.”

Clearly, this futuristic series with paranormal elements is going to be quite a change from the Troubleshooters series we all love. However, we can’t wait to see the talented Brockmann embark on a new adventure, and it’s clear that neither can she. Although the first novel hasn’t hit stores yet, you can already check out the “cast” on Suzanne Brockmann’s website.

She shared the process of how and why she decided to get actors to take on the major players in her upcoming tale. She reveals, “[O]ne of the fun things I've done is use my film producing skills to "cast" the book. I held auditions and found six actors to take on the roles of the six main characters in BtoD, and I held a photo/video shoot ... So I've got hundreds of really great pix so that readers can see these characters exactly as they appear inside of my head!” Learn More >>

Readers who want a taste of the novel before it hits stores won’t be disappointed either. There are two great ways to get a hint of the flavor of Brockmann’s newest series starter.

First, you can buy a copy of the 99 cent e-novella “Shane’s Last Stand.” This short story will give readers their first look at Born to Darkness hero Shane Laughlin with a look at his final mission as a Navy SEAL, and gives readers a hint at just what happened to turn this soldier into an outcast. Buy the Series Prequel >>

Second, you can find out more about Born to Darkness by reading the excerpt that Suzanne Brockmann is hosting on her website. Says RT’s Whitney of the excerpt, “I was pulled in from the very first line. So don’t be surprised if when you finish reading this story snippet, the only thing on your mind is, ‘I need the rest of the book.’ It was certainly the only thing on mine!” Read On >>

And an excerpt and casting details aren’t the only thing you can enjoy on the author’s website. In eight days Suzanne Brockmann will begin what the author is calling “Countdown to BtoD”. From February 14 on the author will be getting readers ready for the release of Born to Darkness with interviews, more pictures of the “cast”, book trailer videos and more.

And on March 20, the author will hit the road for an old-fashioned book tour that will take her across the country. With stops in Florida, California, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York City readers will have a chance to spend time with this fan-favorite author. And readers at her New York-area signings will get a special treat, some of the Born to Darkness cast will be on hand — and we bet that they will probably be willing to get their pictures taken with Brockmann fans! Check Her Schedule >>

So will you be checking out Born to Darkness? Let us know in the comments below! And for all the latest happenings in the world of romantic suspense, be sure to stop by RT’s Everything Romance Page!