Suzanne Brockmann Hits The Big Screen With The Perfect Wedding

Suzanne Brockmann and her son Jason T. Gaffney

Award-winning, bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann has just entered a new medium: she has just co-written and is co-producing a feature film titled The Perfect Wedding. The author teamed up with her husband and son, Ed Gaffney and Jason T. Gaffney, to create this modern-day tale of a young gay couple’s romance. 

The Perfect Wedding follows Paul and Gavin, two young men who fall in love at Paul’s parents’ summer house while they are there for a winter weekend of planning his sister’s wedding. Family drama abounds as Paul’s parents both go through ups and downs, and his sister focuses on her impending nuptials. Viewers will recognize veteran actors James Rebhorn and Kristine Sutherland (who is perhaps most memorable in her long-running roles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s TV mom). Additionally the movie stars newcomers Jason T. Gaffney and Eric Aragon as Gavin and Paul. 

Interestingly enough, the movie was inspired by the sitcom The Cosby Show, a 1980s sit-com that did not rely on the characters’ race as the basis of the show’s humor. The Perfect Wedding’s writing team wanted to tell a story about gay characters with a similar attitude. The movie’s website explains, “The question of Paul and Gavin's sexuality is not a part of the story in The Perfect Wedding. None of the gay characters are in the closet. Their families and friends all know that they are gay, and no one cares. (Why should they?) There are no stereotypes — the humor comes from the situations the two romantic leads find themselves in, and their responses to the obstacles they must overcome to win their happily-ever-after.”

A very public supporter of gay rights, The Perfect Wedding is not the first time Brockmann has featured a gay character in her writing. Her longtime Troubleshooters series prominently includes Jules, a gay man, readers follow his relationship with his partner Robin through Hot Target, Force of Nature and All Through the Night. One reason that Brockmann has had such amazing success is because she includes diversity in her writing. The author has an amazing ability to get inside of her characters heads, no matter what their cultural background, race or sexuality is. (For more on how Brockmann creates diversity in her writing, make sure to check out this 2009 RT-exclusive interview with the author.)

Interested in seeing Brockmann’s film? The Perfect Wedding does not yet have a release date, but over the next few months, the film’s producers will begin entering it into festivals and seeking distribution. So keep your eyes out for this newest work from a talented author. And to be kept up to date on project news, make sure to “like” The Perfect Wedding’s Facebook page

To learn more about this indie film created by Suzanne Brockmann and her family, you can visit The Perfect Wedding’s website here.