Take A Coffee Break With Sandra Brown

There's nothing quite like sitting down with a Sandra Brown novel. You know that you are in for a fast-paced, intriguing ride. Today we sit down for a "coffee break" with the author for a special look at her latest romantic suspense, Lethal, her Loveswept reissues and what fans can expect next!


Lethal seems more romantic suspense-y than your recent thrillers, is there a reason you’ve gone more romantic in this outing?

The situation in this story lent itself to more sexual tension, and I was glad, because that’s my favorite thing to read as well as to write. It was the perfect “storm” of two people being co-dependent but unhappy about it. They’re also forced by circumstances to stay in each other’s company within close quarters. Add to that the mutual attraction, the forbidden aspect of the union, and it’s a classic set up for combustion.

Looking back on your illustrious career, what book from your past do your fans clamor for a return to? 

One book that seemed to have made a distinct impression was Slow Heat in Heaven, perhaps because it was my first departure from genre romance, or perhaps because of the dodgy nature of the hero Cash Boudreaux. (Who’s very similar to Coburn, the hero in Lethal.) Fans harken back to that book a lot, so I’m pleased that Grand Central Publishing is reissuing it in March of 2012. Fans of it can get a new copy. I’ve heard from many telling me that they’re holding together their copy with a rubber band. And fans that I’ve cultivated in more recent years will have a chance to read the novel that launched me into another phase of my career, romantic suspense.

How do you feel about the Loveswept reissues, do you think your old series books hold up?

Many of the Loveswepts became “classics” almost as soon as they were released, thanks in no small part to Carolyn Nichols. She recognized the talent of some many writers who went on to become bestsellers in hardcover and remain so today. I’d like to think that my stories hold up. Technology has changed, certainly. We didn’t have cell phones or iPads when I was writing the Loveswepts! Values and ideals have shifted somewhat. Our world has changed dramatically. But human emotions are eternal, and Ms. Nichols wanted our stories to be heart-touching, to really impact the reader with their emotional intensity. For that reason they’re enduring.

What’s next for you and Grand Central Press? How are you celebrating 30 years/60 bestsellers/heading back to GCP?

Going to Grand Central Publishing was like a homecoming. So many of the people with whom I worked when it was Warner Books are still there, and we’re all glad to be working together again. When I see in print that I’ve been published for 30 years, I’m amazed! Can it truly have been that long? Those years represent almost half my life. I can’t think of a better way to have spent it, and the new hasn’t worn off. I still love my job! I’ll celebrate by plotting a novel for 2012.

You can pick up your own copy of Lethal now. And be sure to check out our Everything Romance Page for all the latest genre news and an insider's look at the stories you love!