Take A Sneak Peek At The Lost Saint - Read the Prologue!

Author Bree Despain shares a special look at her highly anticipated new YA novel, The Lost Saint. This series second will delight readers craving a kick-butt heroine and fast-paced action. Just a few weeks ago the author chatted about the personal story that inspired this series. Now she reveals how she found the perfect way to begin her series second and gives readers a sneak peek — the prologue of The Lost Saint!


I am very pleased that RT BOOK REVIEWS is letting me preview the beginning (prologue and first two chapters) of The Lost Saint with you all. TLS is the sequel to my debut novel, The Dark Divine, and it follows Grace and Daniel as they try to cope with the ramifications of what happened in the first novel—and an unexpected threat that could destroy them and their small town.

Today I get to share the prologue of The Lost Saint with you. I have to say that the biggest obstacle I faced when I began writing this book was how to actually start the story. No joke, I tried over twenty different beginnings before I found just the right one! 

So how did I finally find this “just right” beginning? 

By listening to one of my favorite bands, The Postal Service, over and over again while I was writing. I always find inspiration in music, and for this book, the song that stuck out to me the most was one called “This Place Is a Prison.” It was the perfect song to convey what one of my characters was going through—only it wasn’t my main character, Grace.

After several false beginnings, I realized that I needed to let this other character tell part of the story from his point of view before handing the narrating reins back over to Grace—which resulted in the prologue to The Lost Saint.

I hope readers will enjoy getting to look at things from a new character point of view. I think it adds a new dimension to the underlying mystery that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Plus, it was fun to get inside another character’s head—even if it was only for a couple of pages. 

Read, enjoy, share, and come back next week for chapter one of The Lost Saint!

- Bree Despain

The Lost Saint will be available in stores on December 28th. But you can get a taste of the story in this EXCERPT. And don't forget to check back over the next few weeks for even more insider details about The Lost Saint and your chance to read the first two chapters of this exciting tale.

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