In Tea For Two Author Trish Perry Asks "How Do You Solve A Problem Like ... Sherry And Dylan?"

Trish Perry invites readers to pull up a chair and get a taste of her new mainstream inspirational novel!

My most recent release, Tea for Two (Tea with Millicent series, Harvest House Publishers) is about Zack Cooper, a handsome young farmer, and Tina Milano, the psychological counselor with whom he falls in love. They share a mutual relationship with Milly Jewell, the sweet, savvy, British owner of Millicent’s Tea Shop in Middleburg, Virginia.

Zack and Tina cross paths when Milly introduces them to one another so that Tina might help Zack in his struggle to parent his two teens, Dylan and Sherry. As Zack tells Milly:

“I don’t know. Seems like one day Dylan and Sherry thought I was terrific. Their hero. And then suddenly I’m the enemy. We don’t seem to be able to get through a single conversation without getting into an argument.”

“Typical teenaged issues?” Milly asked. “How old are they now?”

“Dylan’s seventeen. Sherry’s fifteen-going-on-get-lost-Dad.”

Zack’s problems aren’t merely “typical teenaged issues,” but also the result of his wife’s desertion of the family and subsequent divorce four years ago. When Dylan and Sherry were thirteen and nine, respectively, Mom left with another man—one of several to come—and Zack and his kids have been soldiering on ever since.

Unfortunately, Dylan and Sherry’s environment isn’t terribly unusual in today’s world. Still, neither of them has been overtly aware of why they started wandering away from the good moral example their father has always tried to set.

Dylan is simply gravitating toward the peers who seem willing to hang out with him, despite his increasingly withdrawn personality. Those peers are bound for trouble, and they’re only too happy to include Dylan on the journey.

And Sherry doesn’t consciously notice how much she misses her mother’s presence or how much more secure she’d feel if her father weren’t so busy working the fields in order to provide for his kids. Rather, she notices the boost her ego gets when a boy shows an inappropriate interest in her, and she takes risks in an effort to feel grown up and independent.

But the real fun begins when Milly encourages Zack and Tina to join forces on behalf of Dylan and Sherry. The plan gives our hero and heroine a chance to subtly uncover the problems—feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, and blame—that are driving the teens in the wrong direction. And the added bonus is that the teens jump to the conclusion that Dad has found himself a girlfriend, rather than a therapist.

In that regard, they’re not as far off as they initially seem. Dylan and Sherry like the idea of Zack’s attention being diverted from them and onto Tina. But they come to crave Tina’s company as much as their father does.

Among this foursome, there is much to be learned about the needs of the human heart. It’s fun to watch them all learn together.

- Trish Perry

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