Teresa Medeiros On First Impressions

Historical author Teresa Medeiros believes in the power of first impressions. The author shares where she found the inspiration for the daring moment in her latest novel, The Devil Wears Plaid, when hero Jamie sweeps Emma off her feet. And don't miss the excerpt at the end of the post!

I've often heard it said you'll never have a second chance to make a great first impression. That's why I wanted to give Jamie Sinclair, my Highlander hero from The Devil Wears Plaid, a very special entrance into Emmaline Marlowe's life. (And into your life, Dear Reader!) So Jamie ends up being the kilted version of the ultimate wedding crasher, riding his big, black horse through the doors of an ancient abbey just as Emmaline is about to marry the man of her nightmares and literally sweeping her off of her feet.

I've always been a very cinematic writer. As I write, each scene unfolds in front of my eyes just like a movie. (I blame it on watching too much MTV back when they actually used to play videos.) I'm always trying to create that visual moment that will make you gasp with shock or laugh out loud or sigh with satisfaction. That's exactly why I loved the image of the outlaw riding into the church at the very moment Emma is about to pledge her heart—and her body—to a man she can never love. Although he's come to abduct her from her own wedding, Jamie represents danger and excitement and sensuality. He literally smells like the freedom Emma is about to surrender forever. His arrival stirs primal emotions in Emma's heart—heart-stopping fear, a flicker of breathless anticipation and an irresistible attraction to a man she should rightly loathe.

To me, the true beginning of any great romance is the moment when the heroine realizes her life will never be the same. That moment arrives for Emma when Jamie levels his pistol at her breast and announces that he's come for her. What Jamie has yet to realize is that his life will never be the same, either. And that's when the real fun begins!

Power is the greatest aphrodisiac (although an untrimmed mane of sable hair, a pair of frosty green eyes and a set of rippling abs certainly doesn't hurt!) As her abductor, Jamie has the ultimate physical power over Emma but she quickly asserts an equally compelling emotional power over him, proving herself to be his match in wits, if not in muscle.

I hope you'll let Jamie sweep you off of your feet too! So what is YOUR favorite unforgettable visual moment from a romance?

- Teresa Medeiros

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