Teresa Medeiros is Keeping it (Really) Contemporary

Popular romance author Teresa Medieros has put a whole new spin on the “contemporary” in her newest contemporary romance, Goodnight Tweetheart. This novel is written entirely in the 140 character twitter posts that are known as tweets. Now the author has created a special excerpt of her latest love story, exclusively for the RT Daily Blog!

In this scene, Abby Donovan tweets the news about the new man in her life to her best friend Margo.  

@Abby_Donovan: I met a man online. I know that probably sounds pathetic.

@MargoInTribeca: Unless you're into those guys who deliver Chinese food, where else would you meet a man?

@Abby_Donovan: Hey, I get out! I met you at the gym here today, didn't I?

@MargoInTribeca: You're only a few take-out orders away from becoming some crazy cat lady who bakes poisoned cookies for the children in her building.

@Abby_Donovan: You have to have more than two cats to qualify as a crazy cat lady. Forty-two is optimal…

@Abby_Donovan: And you know I'm a rotten cook so the poisoning will probably be ruled accidental…

@MargoInTribeca: So just exactly where did you find this guy—www.EscapedConvicts.com?

@Abby_Donovan: I met him right here on Twitter.

@MargoInTribeca: At least if he dumps you he can do it in one hundred forty characters or less, which is so much better than on a Post-it note.

@Abby_Donovan: His name is Mark…I think. He's on sabbatical from his job as a college professor…

@Abby_Donovan: His first marriage ended badly, possibly from adultery-hers not his. He knows his pop culture. Oh and he doesn't get along with his mom.

@MargoInTribeca: Perfect. He's unemployed, divorced, has mommy issues and can beat you at Trivial Pursuit.

@Abby_Donovan: NOBODY can beat me at Trivial Pursuit.

@MargoInTribeca: Maybe you should consider EscapedConvicts.com. You might be able to find some guy with a job, even if it's working in the prison laundry.

@Abby_Donovan: He's also funny & smart & he makes me laugh. I can tell him things I can't tell anybody else. Things I can't even tell—

@MargoInTribeca: Your best friend? 

@Abby_Donovan: He asked me out on a date for this Friday.

@MargoInTribeca: Oooh…a tweet-up? In a public place I hope…with 911 programmed into your speed dial.

@Abby_Donovan: It's a cyber-date. Maybe I should just let the whole thing drop before it gets out of hand and he wants to start naked Skyping or something.

@MargoInTribeca: Or having tweetsex. 

@AbbyDonovan: Is it even possible to have sex in a hundred and forty characters or less?

@MargoInTribeca: If you'd dated some of the men I have, you'd know it's possible to have sex in a hundred and forty seconds or less.

@Abby_Donovan: I wish I could introduce the two of you. I think he'd like you.

@MargoInTribeca: Tell him I'm your obligatory sassy but wise African-American best friend & I'll drop-kick his butt to the moon if he breaks your heart. 

Want more of this tweet-length action? Pick up your own copy of Medeiros' Goodnight Tweetheart in stores tomorrow!