Thea Harrison Answers Our Questions About Her Paranormal Romance Dragon Bound!

Author Thea Harrison thrilled us with her debut paranormal romance, this month's Dragon Bound. Harrison's story pits spunky heroine Pia against a dragon hero who is determined to uncover all of her secrets. The tale got a 4 1/2 stars Gold rating from RT Senior Reviewer Jill Smith who says, "Utilizing vivid characters, edge-of-your-seat danger and an intriguing alternate reality, Harrison crafts a novel that grabs you from the first sentence and makes you bitterly regret that the book must end." Now we chat with the author for an insider look at her brilliantly paranormal world, dynamic characters and what fans can expect when her series second hits shelves in August!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: There are a lot of interesting mythical creatures in Dragon Bound from gryphons, to an evil Dark Fae King, witches and even a temperamental dragon hero. How did you decide what characters would populate your world?

Thea Harrison: I didn’t approach these decisions in any overarching systematic fashion. Mostly I went with my gut. When I researched a mythological creature, I asked myself if my “take” on that creature might be both fun for me to write and interesting for others to read. If the answer was no, I passed. If the answer was yes, then that creature got tossed on my list of possibilities to explore. Diversity was the only other criteria I had. I wanted elbowroom for lots of conflict and places to grow.

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Thea Harrison Wants To Know: Do you know of any thunderbirds in paranormal romances or urban fantasies? Are there any in stand-alone stories or series? Tell her in the comments below!