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Theme Spotlight: Sexy Navy SEALS Part 1 — Recent Recruits And Classic Reads

There’s been an upswing in the popularity of stories that feature the experiences of Navy SEALs heroes. As the USA government calls our soldiers home, it’s not surprising that many of us are eager to get a glimpse of their accounts of war, especially after SEAL Team Six became a household name for their work eliminating the threat of Osama bin Laden. Recent bestsellers featuring these soldiers include SEAL Team Six and American Sniper. And publishing houses are taking note of readers’ interest. An article in The New York Times notes that readers can get ready for a raft of new books about these fighters, from a SEAL Survival Guide about how thinking like a SEAL can help you survive dangerous situations to a batch of new fictional tales. However, the romance community has always had a soft spot for these hardened warriors. Today we round up several new SEAL stories, as well as our favorite classics, and then we will continue our SEAL spotlight tomorrow with SEALs in series and three non fic tales of true heroes.



On Lavender Lane

by JoAnn Ross

Meet the SEAL: Lucas Chaffee

Years ago Lucas crushed the heart of his high school sweetie. Now he’s back in town and dreaming of a do-over, but will she be able to forgive him?

Ross' Shelter Bay series features SEAL and marine heroes that return from war and reintegrate into civilian society. Readers interested in sweet stories with realistic and sometimes difficult issues, are sure to enjoy these terrific books. 


SEAL of my Dreams

by a collection of 18 authors

This past fall several authors were inspired by hunky military heroes. This anthology includes short stories from nearly 20 writers, including fan-favorite romance authors Cindy Gerard, Kylie Brant and Roxanne St. Claire.

Readers waiting to fall in love with some seriously sexy heroes that positively exude honor will not be disappointed in these great tales. And as an added bonus, the proceeds from this book go to supporting the Veterans Research Corporation. 


Money Shot

by Susan Sey

Meet The SEAL: Rush Guthrie

Former SEAL Rush Guthrie has retreated from the world, and works as a park ranger on Mishkwa Island. But while Rush is retired from the military, his training comes in handy when a smuggling ring threathens his island. Thankfully, this rough, trough man is hero enough to recognize that he needs some help from the dangerously disarming Secret Service agent "Goose" di Guzman.


Deadly Intentions

by Candice Poarch

Meet The SEAL: Brian Knight

This Navy SEAL may be home to recuperate but it certainly won’t be all rest and relaxation when he realizes that his grandfather’s new household help, Lisa Claxton, is actually hunting the house for a missing heirloom. But should they investigate their attraction or should Brian be turning Lisa over to the cops?

A romantic suspense with all the right moves, readers should get ready for some great action and a high body count from this 2011 novel.


The Pirate

by Katherine Garbera

Meet The SEAL: J.P. Lazarus

As this fearless former Navy SEAL hunts for Somali pirates, can he keep doctor Daphne Barrett out of the line of fire? J.P. never planned for his latest adventure to have such high stakes but after he met Daphne he knew that he would do whatever it took to ensure the good doctor’s safety!

Politics and sex intersect in this hot, hot, hot romantic suspense that will leave readers wishing for a steely eyed pirate hunter of their own!




Codename: Nanny

by Christina Skye

Meet The SEAL: Gabe Morgan

Navy SEAL Gabe is recovering from an accident so he agrees to pose as a gardener to help Senator Tate Winslow keep his fiancée Cara’s daughters safe. Tate and Cara have also hired FBI agent Summer Mulcahey to guard the girls. Summer and Gabe clash immediately but can they work together to keep the little girls safe? And what are they going to do about the attraction bubbling between them?


Trust No One

by Meryl Sawyer

Meet The Seal: Brody Hawke

Brody believes that he’s an orphan, but then receives a letter from a man claiming to be his father. The letter begs Brody to come to the estate, and reveals that Brody also has a twin brother. But when the long-lost son returns home, it’s to discover his father dead and his twin brother engaged to a woman that steals Brody’s heart. Is there any hope for this luckless SEAL’s future?


Guilty Pleasures

by Stella Cameron

Meet The Seal: Nasty Ferrito

Name aside, Nasty is a true hero. This former Navy SEAL can’t deny his attraction to single mom and TV personality Polly Crow. When he discovers that someone is threatening this lovely woman and her son, he will stop at nothing to make sure that she’s safe from a stalker’s murderous attention — but who is the real target?


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Did we miss one of your favorite Navy SEAL reads? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Come back tomorrow when we continue our spotlight of SEAL stories. And for more accounts of heroic men and women, check out our Everything Romance Page!