Theme Spotlight: Witches

We love witches in our paranormal novels and we aren’t the only ones! Today author Kelley Armstrong chats about what makes witches so intriguing. Then we highlight some of the long-running series, newly started sagas and a few extra witches in this theme spotlight.

In my Otherworld series, most supernatural types get a single narrator. Only one breaks that rule—in eleven books, I’ve had three witch heroines. Why? Because I’ve discovered that witches are the most versatile character type. They have the best range of abilities limited only by skill and willpower. In short, they make great heroines.

Give a woman the power to cast spells, and she can be many things. She can be a kick-ass dark witch, like Eve Levine (Haunted, 2005). Or she can be a brainy ethical crusader, like Paige Winterbourne (Stolen, 2003). Like Paige, she can be constantly striving to develop her powers. Or like Savannah Levine, she can be genetically blessed with so much that she must struggle to control it. Every scenario leads to a different path for the witch…and for the woman.

The nature of a witch’s powers also makes them interesting heroines. Unlike other supernatural types, a witch usually inherits her abilities, but must work to develop them. The ‘gift’ is really more of an undeveloped skill, like so many natural talents. That great power isn’t just handed to a witch. She needs to work at it, in the same way we must all work to develop our skills and our strengths.

Witches aren’t the most popular choice for paranormal heroines. They aren’t the most powerful or the most exotic. But in witches, we can see ourselves, struggling to master our environment, and to develop our own strengths, whatever they may be.

- Kelley Armstrong


Ongoing Series

Series: Otherworld
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series Heroine: Savannah Levine, daughter of a dark witch and sorcerer
Latest Installment: Waking the Witch (April 2011)
Series Includes: Stolen (May 2003), Industrial Magic (October 2004), Haunted (June 2005), No Humans Involved (May 2007), Living with the Dead (November 2008), Frostbitten (October 2009) and others

Series: Dark Magick
Author: Anya Bast
Latest Installment: Dark Enchantment (April 2011)
Series Includes: Wicked Enchantment (January 2010) and Cruel Enchantment (September 2010) 

Series: The Hollows
Author: Kim Harrison
Series Heroine: Rachel Morgan, a bounty-hunting witch
Latest Installment: Pale Demon (March 2011)
Series Includes: Dead Witch Walking (May 2004), The Good, the Bad and the Undead (February 2005), Every Which Way but Dead (July 2005), A Fistful of Charms (July 2006), For a Few Demons More (March 2007), The Outlaw Demon Wails (March 2008), White Witch, Black Curse (March 2009), Once Dead, Twice Shy (July 2009) and Black Magic Sanction (March 2010) 

Series: Downside Ghosts Trilogy
Author: Stacia Kane
Series Heroine: Chess Putnam, witch and ghost hunter
Series Includes: Unholy Ghosts (June 2010), Unholy Magic (July 2010) and
City of Ghosts (August 2010)

Series: Wing Slayer
Author: Jennifer Lyon
Series Heroines: Earth witches fighting for survival (and souls) as Witch Hunters try to kill them.
Latest Installment: Night Magic (April 2011)
Series Includes: Blood Magic (March 2009) and Soul Magic (November 2009) 

Series: Dark Crescent Sisterhood
Author: Anna Windsor
Series Heroines: A group of Sibyls protecting the world from the evil Legion
Latest Installment: Captive Heart (February 2011)
Series Includes: Bound by Shadow (July 2008), Bound by Flame (August 2008), Bound by Light (September 2008),Captive Spirit (December 2010) and Captive Soul (January 2010)

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