There Is Something About Derek Stormwind From Something About Witches

This week Joey W. Hill releases the first book in her new series Arcane Shot. The paranormal tale Something About Witches is generating a lot of buzz because of the flawed, yet empathetic characters as well as the unique world the author creates. This first book introduces Ruby Night Divine, a powerful witch with a tortured past and an uncertain future. Three years ago Ruby used the dark arts in order to send her lover Derek away. Now Derek Stormwind has returned and he is ready to take on anyone and anything to get Ruby back. But Ruby has crossed the line into black magic and there may be no getting free. So who is this man who hopes to rescue her? Here are ten facts about the hunky Derek that will help you see why he will be your next fictional crush.


10. Derek is a Guardian sorcerer, which means he is kind of like a cop for the supernatural world. However, instead of using guns and handcuffs to take down the bad guys, he uses lightening from his fingertips (along with his killer right hook).

9. As much as he dislikes leaving Ruby, Derek is willing to have a long-distance relationship. Protecting the universe from the underworld is time consuming, so for every day he spends with his ladylove, he usually spends about a hundred on the job.

8. Derek once had a disagreement with a dragon. He is now in possession of some very awesome looking dragon skin boots.

7. Derek might have a bit of a problem with jealously. Especially when he finds out that his ex is hooking up with a Dark sorcerer.

6. Around Derek you have to be very careful what you think because he can literally read your mind.

5. Derek’s sense of honor runs so deep that even his enemies have to admit that he is a white knight.

4. Teleportation? Check. Derek can instantaneously fade into nothing and magically send himself anywhere he wants to go. Tahiti anyone?

3. For someone who has been alive since the Crusades, Derek sure looks good for his age.

2. Derek is on a first name basis with angels and demons. Not to mention a certain Vampire Queen ...

1. Derek always wears a battered cowboy hat (sometimes even in the bedroom).

Interested in getting to know Derek Stormwind better? Something About Witches is in stores and online now. And for more sexy heroes that fight the creature that go bump in the night, make sure to check out our Everything Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Page!