These Three May Novels Are Supernatural, Spicy And Proud Of It!

This month there are three seriously spicy paranormals heating up the bookstore shelves. Virna DePaul, Karin Tabke and Denise Rossetti have each released paranormal reads with heat ratings that match the rising summer temperatures! To find out more about the caliente scenes in these sexy supernatural stories we went straight to the authors:


Blood Law
By Karin Tabke

Sons of Anarchy meets Rise of the Lycan. Blood Law is a story of primal survival. Of love, transcending age old hate. For this passionate love story to resonate, there was only one way to go: to paraphrase [the review of my book on] lovinmesomeromance, "It's stripped free of comedic humor and cumbersome layers leaving only the raw flesh and bones. No taboo is left unscathed and no soft words are used to cushion the often shocking and primal sexuality..."


Chosen by Blood
By Virna DePaul

The heightened sensuality in Chosen by Blood is consistent with the intense nature of the hero and heroine’s conflict. It’s the natural byproduct of a deep, passionate love that is denied expression for years then finally consummated. My hero, Knox Devereaux, is a dharmire–a half-vampire/half-human and he grapples with the divide between duty and desire. He must live down the sins of his human father, who told other humans how to kill vamps. In leading his clan, he feels duty bound to marry another vampire, yet he’s intensely attracted to his soul mate, human Felicia Locke, who refuses to share him. When the two of them join the Para-Ops team, Knox seizes the opportunity to convince Felicia that their love can transcend her notions of human morality. Instead, Felicia ends up teaching Knox that he can be loyal to his people while still giving them both what they want.


The Lone Warrior
By Denise Rossetti

I enjoy writing sensual scenes so all my books are hot, but it’s not about the docking procedure—it’s about relationship, connection. In The Lone Warrior, I use intense sex as a lens to focus on raw emotion. After all, there’s no act more intimate—or more revealing—but it’s absolutely essential that it happens at the appropriate point in the story. So yes, the sensual tension between Mehcredi and Walker winds up until it’s almost unbearable. When they do finally make love, it’s in the most delightfully erotic, tender—and exploratory—way I could devise, perfect for a dark warrior with an armored heart and a surprisingly innocent assassin. Don't they say the most important erogenous zone is the one the between the ears?


Virna DePaul also adds, "The best romance stories reveal the characters’ primal desires for love and passion; it makes sense that the physical manifestation of those emotions will be tender at times, raw at times, but ultimately primal, as well.” We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

All three of these new books are available now and for another sizzling supernatural read we suggest you check out Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison which is the winner of RT’s May 2011 Seal of Excellence!