Three Inspirational First Kisses

For Valentine’s Day we are celebrating with three very special “first kiss” memories from Inspirational authors Vannetta Chapman, Camy Tang and Carrie Turansky. Read these three sweet stories and then share a first kiss that you remember fondly!

Vannetta Chapman, author of A Simple Amish Christmas, didn’t believe in love. Oh, it’d be nice to find a knight in shining armor ready to pluck her from her dreary, exhausted, single-parent living. But heroes didn’t exist. All the princes she knew turned salamander by the second date. Best she could hope for was a friendly dinner or two in between her monotonous Mondays. Then she met sweet, handsome Bob and knew he was perfect…for her sister. And she intended to tell him so, as soon as she got a chance.

But between his helping her hang her curtains, fixing her car and assisting in her cat’s birthing process; the timing never quite seemed right. What could she say? “Hey, thanks for helping with the kittens. Wanna date my sister?” And yet, it had to be done, before things got sticky.

The moment never came. One night, after Vannetta cooked a thank you dinner, Bob gathered his things, leaned forward and kissed her. Vannetta’s heart about leapt from her chest. All thoughts of ending it were swallowed by his soft, warm lips and the spicy scent of his cologne. They married a year later and have been kissing ever since.


It was Easter Sunday, and Camy Tang, author of Formula For Danger, was a tad radio-active, her skin tainted a deep red from a bit too much time in the sun. Of course, that was the day her friend decided to bring Captain Caffeine, as he is affectionately called, to church. Maybe he felt sorry for her, or perhaps his analytical engineering side was intrigued, but the caffeinated Romeo emailed her several times over the next few weeks.

Then one day, after dazzling Camy with his cyber-sweetness, he invited her to a volley ball game to demonstrate his more masculine side. They drove together, leaving poor Camy without a car. His team won, and Camy was sufficiently impressed, so much so that when they returned for her car later that night, she stayed for an all-night chat session. Whether from lack of sleep or a heavy dose of Cupid, come morning, they were both a bit loopy and starry-eyed, the perfect recipe for romance. Reluctantly, Camy gathered her things then lingered at the door, cheeks flushed and pulse quickened. Romeo took the hint. He tilted her face to his and gave her a kiss that was, as Camy puts it, glorious.


Carrie Turansky, author of Seeking His Love, returned to her Portland, Oregon hometown disillusioned and discouraged. All her college friends had jobs and beaus, but Carrie had nothing. Hoping to put her art degree to use, she applied for a job at her church’s day camp. That’s where she met Scott, a smart, creative seminary student. At first, she thought he was putting on a show—like he was too good to be true, and honestly, Carrie really wasn’t looking for casual dating. Her heart had been broken one too many times. So, she waited, watching Scott from afar while the other girls at her church made spectacles of themselves, vying for Scott’s attention. And yet, just looking at him sent flutters through Carrie’s stomach.

One day Carrie grew ill, and had to miss work. Scott showed up, talked a lot…but never made a move. Carrie began to wonder if he’d ever take that step.

She didn’t have to wonder for long. One afternoon, the two lingered in the church kitchen. Carrie watched Scott closely, her cheeks slightly flushed with anticipation. Scott moved forward, close enough that she could feel his breath on her face, could see the golden specks in his chestnut eyes. Then, his lips were on hers and Carrie knew, they were meant to be.

Share your own special “first kiss” stories in the comments below and then be sure to check out A Simple Amish Christmas, Formula For Danger and Seeking His Love which are available now!

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