Three New Historicals To Get Your Heart Racing

Do you love historical tales that throw in thrills and chills? Then you’ll love this month’s new releases! There is not one, but three stories that turn on the scare-factor while getting you in a “days of yore” mindset. Take a look at the books we think will satisfy your craving for a fright, and then let us know which one will have you rushing to the bookstore!




Deception by Kris Kennedy

Where It Is Set: Medieval England

Who You’ll Root For: Heroine Sophia and hero Kier put their past problems behind them as they team up, pretending to be a wealthy shipping magnate and her employee. They're setting out to retrieve a book whose contents could destroy the balance of power in England.

What The Big Bad Is Up To: There’s a secret association that is determined to hold onto the book at all costs and wouldn’t mind taking Sophia out of the picture — for good.

Why This Is A Must-Read: RT’s Senior Reviewer Kathe calls this story “a winner” noting that there’s witty banter, high-octane adventure and characters who will capture your imagination — all rolled into this “marvelously atmospheric medieval romance.”

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A Woman Made For Pleasure by Michele Sinclair

Where It Is Set: Regency England

Who You’ll Root For: Ugly duckling heroine Millie has grown into a swan, however, hero Chase has loved her since childhood. When Millie steps between Chase and a gold digger, has she placed herself in danger?

What The Big Bad Is Up To: There’s a traitor and a murderer painting a target on Millie’s back, and readers can expect to rush through this tale, anxious to know if Chase can unmask the killer — and rescue his lady love — before it’s too late.

Why This Is A Must Read: “The characters are wonderfully written, the action non-stop and the surprise twists endless,” says RT Reviewer Maria. So don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor with the first book in this sure-to-please series!

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Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

Where Is It Set: Regency England

Who You’ll Root For: Lord Frederick “Derick” Aveline is going to complete one final mission for the English crown and reveal the spy hidden in his hometown. However, Derick’s nemesis from childhood, Emma Wallingford, is leading the investigation. Will this pair be able to put their differences (and their passion) aside before it’s too late?

What The Big Bad Is Up To: The spy threatening England (and the village of Derbyshire) has a lot at stake. So the turncoat isn’t afraid to murder those that get in the way and Derick and Emma may be added to this list ...

Why This Is A Must-Read: RT Senior Reviewer Kathe raves that this is "a chilling murder mystery that grabs reader attention from the very beginning … Snow adds the spice of seduction to the thrill of the chase, leaving readers anticipating the surprising climax.”

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Which of these stories will make its way into your TBR pile? Let us know in the comments below. And for more genre news and reviews be sure to check out RT’s Everything Romance Page!