Three Newly-Announced Graphic Novel Projects We Can't Wait To Read!

New York Comic Con 2011 may be over, but the deals we are hearing about are heating up. In addition to our NYCC coverage, we absolutely could not wait to pass along the news about three upcoming graphic novel projects coming from some of the biggest authors of the year. 

The Millennium Trilogy is going graphic! Stieg Larsson’s runaway bestselling series — which started with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — will be adapted by DC Entertainment’s Vertigo. In traditional format, these books have sold over 60 million copies worldwide and spawned two film adaptations so we were particularly interested to hear that the series will now be adapted into graphic novels. Although Vertigo has not yet announced an artist or adaptation team that has been signed to work on the series, we expect those details to come down the line shortly.

Vertigo has already set the schedule for delivering these graphic novels to their anxious audience. The publisher announced earlier this week that the stories will each be split into two volumes and released in both print and e-book format. Fans of the series' Lizbeth Salander, the brilliant computer hacker, and the investigative reporter Mikael Blomkvist, and the rest of their cast of players in this dark and twisted mystery can expect to see the first two volumes of the series in stores during 2012.

Picture Hocking’s Hollowland Series in pictures — the series will soon available as in graphic novel format. Self-publishing success Amanda Hocking will pair with Dynamite Entertainment for the graphic version of her fan-favorite paranormal YA series. The author, who is only 27, broke into traditional publishing and signed a very nice 4-book deal with St. Martin’s Press. Fans are already anticipating the series second, Hollowmen, to come out this season from the publisher. So it was a treat to learn that Hocking series will be adapted. Although so far Dynamite hasn’t picked a team to work with the author for this process — she may just do it herself.

Hocking told Publisher’s Weekly that she will “be as involves as [she] can be.” This is certainly welcome news to fans that worried that the illustrated versions of their favorite characters would not hold a candle to the art that they’ve imagined. But Hocking said that she is firmly behind the look of Dynamite’s previous comics as they take on — and create — projects that appeal to the author’s aesthetic. The first in the Hollowland series is slated to hit shelves sometime in 2012. 

Sookie Stackhouse creator, Charlaine Harris will pen an original paranormal YA series in the graphic novel format. Harris will work with Christopher Golden, the skilled fantasy writer, and the talented artist Don Kramer to create Cemetery Girl. Although Sookie has be the subject of several graphic novels, this is the first time that Harris will be part of writing an original graphic novel story. There will be at least three books that follow an amnesiac teenage girl who has spent the last few years living alone in a graveyard.

As the popular Sookie series wraps up, the paranormal heroine’s 13th traditional print adventure will hit shelves in May 2013, the television adaption True Blood and the graphic novel versions of the stories are still going strong. However, Harris felt that it was time to tackle a new challenge. Harris had been considering the story of Cemetery Girl for some time before co-author Golden suggest that she consider the project for graphic format. Says Harris, “… Since Chris has more experience in the graphic novel field that I do, we agreed to team up for my first-ever collaboration. This is an exciting venture for both of us." It's not just exciting for them, the author’s fans — like us — are also thrilled by the news. Unfortunately there hasn't even been cover art released yet, and booklovers will have to wait until 2013 for the series starter to be released. 

Which of these projects has you eagerly anticipating the next few years in graphic novels? Let us know in the comments below and be entered to win our giant paranormal giveaway. The winner will be announced on October 31.