Three Overnight Dads from Silhouette Desire

In the Silhouette Desire line of series romances, men tend to take the fast lane to fatherhood. And whether they are marrying women who are nine months pregnant, or suddenly learning that they have children they’ve never met, these are all men on an emotional rollercoaster. Now three of this month’s Silhouette Desire authors give readers a special look at their "Overnight Dads" of December.


Trevor Jarrod, Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby 
by Heidi Betts

Trevor Jarrod, the hero of my December Silhouette Desire, Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby, finds himself in quite the holiday quandary. Not only does a strange woman show up in his office with a baby on her hip, but she insists that the baby is his. He’s never even met this Haylie Smith, however, so how can that possibly be? 

Is she a kook? A gold-digger? A man like Trevor—rich, powerful, and a member of one of the most renowned families in Colorado—can’t be too careful.

Then Haylie tells him that she isn’t the baby’s mother—her deceased sister was. Trevor doesn’t particularly remember meeting Heather Smith, either, but Haylie seems determined to make Trevor face up to his fatherly duties, regardless of his recollection of past encounters. 

But what if Bradley really is his son? Trevor has always been a playboy, maybe even a bit of a womanizer. He likes to play the field, likes to have fun, and likes to do both with a bevy of beautiful women. The thought of settling down to raise a family has never even a blip on his radar. Now he’s faced with the sudden possibility of an instant and unexpected family, and though it terrifies him, he also finds himself intrigued by the idea of being a daddy. He starts to think about what it would mean to have a son and actually wants to be involved in diaper changes and midnight feedings. 

Of course, a man of like Trevor Jarrod can’t be too careful. If he’s going to admit paternity and let little Bradley into his heart, then he’s going to need proof positive that the baby really is his son. It takes some finagling, but Trevor convinces Haylie to stick around Jarrod Ridge, his family’s upscale ski resort, until the issue can be resolved one way or the other. 
Of course, while they’re waiting for the results of a DNA test, sparks begin to fly, and Trevor starts to hope that maybe he’ll be able to claim both Bradley and Haylie as his own.


Draco Dante, Dante’s Marriage Pact
by Day Leclaire

I love Draco Dante. He turned into such an interesting character to write. He started out as the Dante troublemaker. We all have one of those somewhere in our family tree, right?  But his true colors didn’t come shining through until he fell in love…and became a father.

Not only is Draco one of those rare Alpha men who accepts love when it grabs hold, but the instant he discovers he’s about to become a father, he becomes the sort of man we all want in our lives. Strong. Protective. Loving. A provider. I found that transition—from sophisticated troublemaker to dedicated daddy—so intriguing, and hope readers will, as well.

I suspect that Draco’s instant acceptance of impending daddyhood has something to do with his strong family ties and being so deeply grounded in his Italian roots and culture. La Famiglia! For Draco, that says it all. This is a man who doesn’t just understand the concept, but embraces it. And at this time of year, that’s particularly special to me. Though there isn’t a Christmas theme in this story, I hope the warmth of family, the power of love, and the joy of parenthood will make this the perfect seasonal read.  

On a more personal note, I wish all of the RT BOOK REVIEWS readers and staff a happy holiday, filled with the love of family and the spirit of giving. May you find a special miracle waiting in the toe of your stocking. And may all your dreams and wishes find a place in your lives as we embrace the New Year.


Cameron Duke, Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise
by Kate Carlisle

“You’re a father!”

Happy words for most men, but they create a knot of dread in Cameron Duke’s stomach. He’s convinced that his own father’s violent tendencies lurk within him, so he’s determined not to have children nor – God forbid – to ever fall in love. Cameron only trusts himself with casual feelings. He can honestly say that the only people he has ever loved are his mother and his adoptive brothers, Adam and Brandon. They’re a family by choice, and all the family Cameron needs.

Only once did he almost regret his unbreakable rule to keep his flings short and casual. Beautiful baker Julia Parrish got under his skin during their brief but passionate affair. But when she found out she was pregnant and tried to contact him, Cameron figured she wanted to deepen their relationship, but with his devastating family history, he couldn’t allow that, so he ignored her emails.

Two years later, he sees her with a baby in her arms – his baby – and he can’t ignore her anymore. Despite his fear of turning into his abusive father, Cameron wouldn’t dream of rejecting his son. He’s hard-wired to take responsibility for his actions. And besides, his baby’s enthusiastic, slightly drooly “Dada” is too damn cute to resist, even for a hard bitten ex-Marine.

So Cameron will marry Julia because it’s the right thing to do, and he’ll treat her well. But to keep her safe from his passion, he will never allow himself to fall in love. Fate and Julia, however, may have another plan in mind.


Whether commitment phobic or just plain scared, all three of these heroes made the leap into instant fatherhood. And we loved seeing Trevor, Draco and Cameron take on the new role — and finally find their happily-ever-afters!