ThrillerFest Forecast: Authors Share What To Expect From Them Next

At ThrillerFest this afternoon we got a chance to check in with some of our favorite authors about the projects they are currently working on (and what readers can look forward to seeing in stores next year). They shared their current projects and exclusive details for RT Readers.

 Alex Kava is continuing her Maggie O’Dell series with Damaged, which will be released on Tuesday, and next summer readers can follow Maggie to western Nebraska in Hot Wire. Kava says, “Expect barbed wire fences and sand hills.”

John Lescroart, who was sitting right next to Kava, chimed in, “Your title Damaged is extremely close to the title of my next release, Damage, which comes out in January.”

 Erica Spindler’s Watch Me Die will be out in May 2011. The story is set in New Orleans when “the ghost of Hurricane Katrina” revisits the city.

CJ Lyons is looking forward to her November release, Critical Condition. “It’s Die Hard in a hospital and it all takes place in five hours!”  The author is wrapping up her Angels Of Mercy series and can’t wait for readers “to find out the secrets of everyone’s dark pasts and who will end up with who when the love triangles resolve.”  She loves her editor’s tagline for the book “This New Year’s Resolution? To Live.”

  Brandilyn Collins is promoting her newest thriller, Over The Edge. The heroine of this story is the wife of a prominent doctor in the field of Lyme disease research and she has been infected with the disease by a man whose wife died of the disease. The subject of Lyme disease is close to the author’s heart as she has battled it herself. The story was actually inspired by a newspaper article the author saw in her doctor’s office. The author also has started a blog for Lyme disease survivors at

Lori Andrews
told us that she’s working on “ a thriller whose main character is a pregnant woman who is being blackmailed. It’s being considered for television so I am delaying the book’s publication until we know exactly what is going on.” 

Wendy Corsi Staub’s series second, Scared To Death, will be out in January. There’s a huge twist in Live To Tell, the first in the series, which was released earlier this year, that plays a large plot in the seqel. Scared To Death is set in New York New England –- readers can even expect to see Grand Central Station on the pages  -- because, as the author says, “I’m a New York girl.”

Eric Van Lustbader, who has taken over the Jason Bourne series (expect Bourne Dominion from him next June) is set to publish the third title in his Jack Reacher series, Cherry Bomb.

Steve Martini will close his "trilogy of terror” in late June of next year. Look for more from this author in a future blog post, who has promised RT exclusive details to come!

Katherine Neville
’s next project is expected to hit shelves in late 2011 or  early 2012. Although it is still untitled, the story follows a group of painters in the 1600s and modern times. Readers, keep your eyes peeled for a scene at The Plaza of Flowers.

New York Times correspondent Matt Richtel is working on a new novel due out in June 2011 called Devil’s Plaything from Harper. The book is a follow-up to Richtel’s earlier release Hooked. This is the second story about a 30-something medical journalist, Nat Idle, in San Francisco whose grandmother, suffering from dementia, holds a terrible secret that they must uncover. Readers can expect “a revelation about the fragility of memory and the secrets we keep (and why) from generation to generation.”

 Gayle Lynds will bring readers The Spy’s Apprentice in 2012. “Live Eva Blake’s great adventure as a new spy caught up in romance and danger,” Lynds says.

William Bernhardt’s The Idea Man will be out sometime next year. Readers met the hero of The Ideal Man, Seamus McKay, in Bernhardt’s last Ben Kincaid novel, Capitol Betrayal, which holds a clue to what is in the attaché case that Seamus never lets out of his sight.

Looking for a new release that will be out sooner than next year? Ted Dekker’s Immanuel’s Veins will hit shelves this September. It is the author’s first historical fiction and is set in 1772.

Keep your eyes peeled for more ThrillerFest Coverage on its way soon!