Throwback Thursday Giveaway: Romance Audiobooks Of The 1990s

We're in the process of moving our offices here at RT, which means we've been finding all sorts of classic gems that have accumulated on our shelves over the past few decades. Including these three audiobook cassettes from 1995:

3 Audiobooks - Viking by Fabio, Forever in My Heart by Jo Goodman and Almost Eden by Dorothy Garlock

Why yes, that is a cassette of Fabio's Viking, and no, there is nothing more 90s than that. Romance Alive Audio Books was an audiobook company at its pique in 1995, publishing romances on cassette like the ones above. Back in the day we would sell audiobooks out of the office, and the $1.00 price tag indicates these were marked down for quick sale. (Don't tell Fabio.) We unfortunately don't have a cassette player, otherwise we'd be blasting Viking right now.

For you romance relic collectors out there, we're giving away two audiobook cassette copies of Fabio's Viking. You can shelve it next to your collection of classic Harlequins. This giveaway is open to U.S. readers only and ends next Thursday, August 7. Good luck!

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