Thursday Party Round Up: Pub Crawls, Saints & Sinners

We warned you yesterday, our party round ups are going to feature a lot of exclamation points and amazing costume pictures. Last night was the first ever RT PUB CRAWL! Hoo boy! The RT Convention took NOLA by storm, and we're not sure if the city — or any of us — are ever going to be the same. If that wasn't enough, we headed back to the hotel for Samhain's Saints and Sinners party — though we're not sure there were a lot of saints left after that pub crawl, if you know what we mean (and we think at least the fortune teller does)!

Here are some pictures from our epic Thursday!

1001 Dark Nights authors mingling at Rita's Tequila House during the pub crawl


Lovely Penguin authors enjoying beverages at The Beach on Bourbon Street


Samhain's big bash — sinners on one side, saints on the other!


Sinful sweets at the Samhain party


The costumes were outstanding, as per usual with the RT crowd!

We'll be covering the RT Convention in New Orleans all week long, for more on the exciting happenings, click here