Tish Westwood's Historical Heroine Reveals Her Sultry Tips For Seducing A Man

When Lady Alyssum Rosewood's nemesis Viscount Robert Lambert calls the young woman boring, the heroine of Tish Westwood's new historical erotic romance Scarlet Kisses is determined to prove the infuriating (and infuriatingly handsome) man wrong. She dons a scandalous scarlet dress for a masquerade ball, a choice really gets Robert's attention ... and that is before the pair shares a scorching kiss! Today, Lady Alyssum shares her suggestions for how a lady in any era can turn a man's head — and possibly even steal his heart. 

My dear friends I am pleased to announce I am married, and to whom you may ask? To the scandalous Viscount Lambert, my brother's best friend, my childhood companion and my adversary in the game of wits. I know it may come as a surprise to you to know that I have wed the man I constantly bicker with and on occasion stomp on his toes but my loving, rakish husband is now only deserving of my love, devotion and kisses, (and more, but I am a lady and shall keep my marital delights to myself).

Our story is one of shock and scandal. It all began when Robert enlightened me to the unwelcome fact that my life was without fun and excitement. This led me to seek council from my sisters and together we devised a plan. I would attend the infamous masquerade ball hosted by Lady Brook in the most improper gown I could get my hands on and then I would have some fun. And fun I did have. I experienced the most wonderful, heated, toe-curling kiss and by whom? Robert, Viscount Lambert. (I know, it was a shock to me too when he took off his mask.) What I didn’t know at the time was he was also kissing me to win a wager with his friends.

When it was announced that I was to marry the scoundrel, ladies would ask me how did I manage to get my hands on Robert? I could not trust them with my secret as I trust you but, I did provide them with advice in how to capture a man’s attention, advice that had cheeks turning scarlet and fans fluttering.

What advice did I give them? Well I shall tell you as I know you’re on the edge of your chaise.

1. A simple smile whether small or bright can draw the eye of that certain gentlemen and lure him to your side like sirens lure sailors into the water.

If not,

2. During a recital while the guests eyes are forward or closed from falling asleep don’t be shy to meet his gaze across the room and express all the desire and lust you feel for him in that heated look.

If the man is still being stubborn,

3. Lean forward and reveal a sly but brilliant display of cleavage, for what man can’t resist a peek?

4. During a soirée spill your cup of punch on his waistcoat and be all too willing to help clean up the mess you made.

5. Pretend the ballroom is too hot and swoon with as much grace as possible. A gentleman must attend to a damsel in distress and of course call upon her the next day to see if she is well.

6. Steal his pocket watch and bargain with him to get it back.

7. During a dinner party when the wine is flowing and the ton's attention is elsewhere be cautious but daring and place your hand under the table and on his thigh.

8. Brush subtly by him in the parlor, allowing him to feel one of man's greatest obsessions — your breasts.

9. A sure thing to get a man’s attention is when the both of you are alone kiss him, whether passionate or chaste, it will work!

And ladies if all this doesn’t work I have a guaranteed pleasant outcome to number ten,

10. Wait for him in his bed, naked.

But a warning ladies, take utmost caution for these maneuvers are sure to start a scandal if gone awry. We wouldn’t want to find in the gossip columns that you have come to ruin and have been sent to spend the rest of the season in the country. So keep a close look out for watchful chaperons, mothers and nosy matrons.

Your dear friend,

- Alyssum, Viscountess of Lambert

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