Author Lucy Monroe gives us an insider's look at Friday Morning's "Top 10 Dead-Sexiest Hero Types" panel for readers at the convention.

What is more fun than talking about the Top 10 Dead Sexiest Hero types? Doing it with lots of laughter and flying prizes. No, really ... Dianne Castell, Sylvia Day, Erin McCarthy, LuAnn McLane, and I like to have a good time and if we're doing it with readers, so much the better!
We started our panel by playing the "Name that Hero" game, where we were more than willing to give copious hints (wish someone had given me a hint when I forgot the name of my own first ever hero - LOL)!  We gave away books, koozies, bracelets, condoms (yep, keeping it safe - READ romance is my motto ::wink::) and bookmarks.  My companion, dh, made a very sexy male Vanna White, showing and distributing our prizes with true elan.
Then, I introduced the panel to applause and lots of reader love and appreciation (thank you all - you just made our day!).

We each talked about our favorite hero types to write, starting with Dianne Castell who discussed the longer hero, citing examples like my own favorite Jethro Gibbs from NCIS, and the family-centric hero - the everyday guy who rises to the occasion when his family is threatened (think Harrison Ford in Firewall).   Next Sylvia Day waxed *very* enthusiastic about her favorite hero types, the reluctat hero and the anti-hero (like Cain in her SJ Day series). Erin McCarthy talked about the wounded hero, the man so scarred by life that his redemption brings readers to tears, and vampire heroes. She said she found them so darn sexy because they had hundreds of years of experience. After the laughter died down, she tried to say she meant life experience, but we all knew!

LuAnn Mclane discussed the two very different hero types she writes - the small town hero and the sports star.  I have to admit I got enthusiastic myself on this one as I sighed over Chad Ocho-Cinco on DWTS.  I assured my dh, who was sitting in the front row that Chad has nothing on him (and I meant it), but there is one athlete that's a prime inspiration for a hero. :)  I talked about paramilitary heroes and werewolves, where I embarrased my dh by telling the readers I write about those primal men and their visceral and undeniable connections to their heroines because that's how it's always been for us. ;-)
We answered questions, reminded readers we've all got upcoming releases (visit our websites for info) and called it a day...or at least a workshop.
Now, I'm off to share some time with my personal hero and maybe even get some food - oh, man eating and conferences don't always go together. ;-)
- Lucy Monroe