Top Time Travel Tales!

We have been celebrating parnormal books all month long, but one classic trope has been forgotten until now--time travel. So we asked some of our favorite romance authors what time travel story they like best and here are their answers:

Sarah MacLean

  If I can only choose one, I'm afraid I have to stick with the original time travel that changed everything for me, Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor.'s classic Deveraux, strong hero, fabulous heroine, and a story that is unputdownable. Nicholas's time in modern-day England is hilarious, but what makes the book so wonderful is the pacing--we're not allowed to laugh for too long...soon our leads have returned to a dangerous Elizabethan England and the emotion and passion is so perfectly wrought...and then end...well there isn't a dry eye.  Deveraux...and time its finest.

Rachael Herron

  I just finished Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, and what I loved most about the book is that she never answers the question whether or not the time-travel (from present day Brooklyn Heights to the French Revolution) actually happened in her fictional world. The answer is completely up to the reader, and the skillful way the author hands that authority to the reader is flattering. And because of both the way she trusts the reader and the loveliness of her writing, I believe that it did.

Cherry Adair

  Oh! Time Travel. I loved them when they were The Thing back in the day. One of my favs was Margaret St. George (Maggie Osborne) The Pirate And His Lady. A Harlequin American about an eighteenth century pirate who washes up on a Key West beach present day. It was not only very, very funny, it was quite realistic in the difference between the two worlds. Captain Richard Colter got a job so he could help Elizabeth out financially. As I remember, he gave her a couple of dollars so she could buy a house. Lol. His pride and her understanding of his sacrifice were wonderful. Now I have to re-read it for a refresher.

Anne Marsh


My favorite time-travel tale is Dara Joy's Rejar, where the hero travels back in time to Regency England. Rejar won my heart when he strolled out wearing nothing but Lord Byron's dressing gown-- Dara Joy combines all my favorite elements of Regency romance (sexy alpha prince, stubborn spinster and society soirees!) with some fantastic world building and an even hotter immortal shapeshifter.


Tessa Dare

  Time For Eternity by Susan Squires ... Time travel, vampires, the French Revolution, and love across centuries--Susan Squires' imagination and storytelling know no bounds.

Now, I was extremely surprised that none of these lovely ladies listed either of my two favorite paranormal titles, Jude Deveraux's The Summerhouse or Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. For me, these novels fulfill the function of a great time travel by sweeping readers back to another place and time. 

What are your favorite time travel titles?