Author Tracy Anne Warren has signed a new deal with Avon to continue her popular series, The Byrons of Braebourn, for four more books!

“My Byrons of Braebourne series is a true labor of love with characters who are dear to my heart. I’m so pleased that readers have come to adore my 'mad, bad and dangerous' Byrons as much as I do,” Warren says. The series continuation allows the historical author to give each of the younger four Byron siblings their own story. But, expect all eight Byrons (along with assorted family members) to pop up in each of the new stories.

The series, set during the Peninsular War, will continue the themes of espionage and duty to one’s country. First, in August 2010, Miss Mallory Byron will wed the rakish family friend Adam and try to turn friendship to passion in Wicked Delights of A Bridal Bed. And just a few months later genius inventor Drake Byron gets involved with his housekeeper (who is more than she appears) in a work that is still untitled.

In order to give the younger Byrons time to become old enough to get into rakish trouble, the last three Byrons of Braebourn novels will be set in the post-war 1820s. Then the Byron twins, Leo and Lawrence, will get up to their necks in what Warren describes as “passionate mayhem.” Finally, the series will conclude with the story of the baby Byron, youngest sister Eseme.
After August's Wicked Delights of A Bridal Bed, the four newly contracted books (featuring Drake, Leo, Lawrence and Esme) will hit shelves during 2011 and 2012.