True Blood Comic News!

Comic book publisher IDW and the HBO cable network announced today that they will be publishing a second series of comic books based on the hit TV series True Blood, beginning in February 2011. The move comes after record-breaking sales this year for the initial six-book comic series. The comics and the TV show further the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse, the heroine of a bestselling book series by author Charlaine Harris.

The second series of comics will be co-written by comic book writer Marc Andreyko and actor Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin on the True Blood TV series. According to the press release, in this new comic tale, Jessica is exposed to contaminated Tru Blood drink and goes crazy. Sookie, Bill and others must ban together to figure out what is going on and who is responsible.

If you missed the first True Blood comic series, you'll still be able to read them. IDW will release a compilation of the comics called True Blood, All Together Now in graphic novel format in early February, just before the new comic book series launches.


The compilation cover and the cover of the first issue of the new series.