Try This: TV Edition

Have you ever wished you could read a book that has the same witty dialogue, heart-stopping action and sizzling romance as your favorite TV series? If so, you’re not alone, and today we have a handy guide to help you find read alikes for your favorite screen gems. Take a look!


HBO’s Girls is often lauded for her its surprisingly realistic portrayal of a group of twenty-something girls navigating the murky waters of life while living in Brooklyn, NY. And if you can’t get enough of the show, why not try Gemma Burgess’s Brooklyn Girls?

In this series starter, Pia has just graduated from college and moved into a Brooklyn brownstone with four of her best friends. When she loses her PR job and her parents cut her off, Pia buys a food truck and starts Skinny Wheels. Along with her new business, Pia must juggle her friendships and try to finally get over her ex.

Downton Abbey

The grandeur! The romance! The fashion! Downton Abbey has a lot going for it, and it’s no wonder why it has become such a phenomenon. Besides, Maggie Smith is in it and she’s made of awesome. While our Abbey pick skews more on the Sybil/Branson side of things and jumps ahead a few years, it’s still sure to please readers looking for a historical read bursting with drama and romance.

In Churchill’s Angels, Ruby Jackson tells the enthralling story of sisters Daisy and Rose as they each assume roles in WWII. Rose starts working a munitions factory while Daisy puts her skills as a mechanic to good use. When she meets Adair Maxwell, who asks her to help repair his plane in exchange for flying lessons, Daisy winds up on a path she never thought she’d walk.


Do you love the complex superheroes and multidimensional villains seen in The CW’s hit show, Arrow? If so, you should probably check out V.E. Schwab’s Vicious, a dark and intriguing story about good and evil, superpowers and betrayal.

When Victor and Eli, two college roommates, discover a way to develop superpowers, their lives change in more ways than either could imagine. Ten years later, Victor is released from prison and, with help from a young girl, tracks down Eli, who has since become power hungry and determined to destroy every person with superpowers. This gritty and action-packed read is sure to please your inner comic book fan.

Witches of East End

While Lifetime’s recent hit series, Witches of East End, originates from Melissa de la Cruz’s adult book series of the same name, there’s always room for more bewitching reads, especially if they’re by the famous Nora Roberts.

Dark Witch, the first in Roberts’s latest series, features three cousins reunite in Ireland and must call upon their family’s magic to defeat a powerful evil that’s come back to hunt them down. As their lives grow increasingly more dangerous, they’ll find their strength and love tested like never before.

Now, once you've finished binge watching your favorite show, you can start binge reading! And if you have suggestions of your own be sure to let us know in the comments which books you’d recommend for fellow TV junkies. Happy reading and watching!