Turning Board Games Into Novels

I just finished reading Cynthia Baxter's latest amateur sleuth novel Crossing the Lion and loved the author's clever use of the board game Clue to add an additional layer of tongue-in-cheek fun to her story. In the book, Jessie, a full-time veterinarian and part-time detective, is asked to investigate a murder, but when she steps onto Solitary Island to begin unraveling the mystery, she is led into a world taken directly from the Parker Brothers' game. From Miss Scarlet to a conservatory and even secret passageways, Baxter's charming novel has so many nods and references to Clue that the characters can't help themselves from pointing out the similarities.

Crossing the Lion is so well done, that it got me thinking that maybe other board games could be successfully adapted into books. Here are a few of my top picks:



Chess - Historical Romance

War, intrigue and the unseen hand of fate moving the players across the board. This game has everything you would need for a really juicy medieval romance. The King is slow and steady, but the Queen is clearly the most powerful character - not to mention that her movements often coincide with those of her dashing Knights.  



Battleship - Techno-Thriller

Imagine that terrorists have got the coordinates of America's Navy vessels and are looking to sink our nuclear subs. It would be a race to catch them before they caused worldwide disaster. (And undoubtedly, the hero's long lost love is aboard the final ship to be targeted!)



Life - Chick-Lit

In this story, the heroine may be surprised by a bundle of joy (and all the trappings of mommy-hood) or instead spend her time pursuing the perfect career. But the real question is can she find a way to have it all?




I don't know exactly where I would go with this story, but with the housing market crash, I assume there would be a lot of drama. From fights over the most expensive properties to control of the railroads, this book would be teeming with underhanded dealings. Add to that a Banker who always seemed pretty shady to me and all I can say is that it is a good thing there is a jail to send some of these characters. 




Are there any board games that you would like to see adapted into novels?