Turning Points: Romantic Suspense Authors Discuss Their Heroes

We love a great alpha hero, the kind of guy who will do everything and anything to protect his loved ones. But at what point do these heroes become the fighters we all love? Today, bestselling romantic suspense authors Rebecca York, Lindsay McKenna, Lynn Raye Harris, Julie Ann Walker and Melissa Cutler discuss their heroes' turning points.

Rebecca York

My latest hero, Shane Gallagher, in Betrayed, was an investigator in the military police. He served in Afghanistan, and while he was there, the base where he was stationed was attacked by a group of Afghan police officers who were only pretending to work with the Americans. Shane was able to get out the back of the building, circle around the attackers and take them out, saving the lives of a number of our troops. He realized you have to be prepared to do what it takes!

Lindsay McKenna

Navy SEAL Gabe Griffin, Never Surrender and his Afghan partner, Reza, must fend off twenty Taliban who are charging their position in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Gabe has just discovered that Bay, his fiancée, is hidden nearby and they must protect her at all costs, even if it means giving their own lives to save hers from their enemy.   

Lynn Raye Harris

My latest hero, Jack "Hawk" Hunter from Hot Shot, is a sniper for the Hostile Operations Team. He's always been somewhat lethal — and cool under pressure. Jack is an only child, raised by parents too busy to spend time with him when he was growing up. He's a loner by nature. But then he married his childhood sweetheart, only to lose her (and their unborn baby) in a tragic accident while he was deployed. For Jack, this is a defining moment. From that day on, he lives for his job. He does good in the world by taking out the bad guys, and he has no problem being as lethal as he needs to be. He has no feelings left, no emotions to get tangled up in and his job gives him all the fulfillment he needs. Then, of course, he meets his match when the heroine stumbles into his world and needs his help.

Julie Ann Walker

Carlos “Steady” Soto of my upcoming release, Full Throttle, never dreamed he would trade in his scalpel for sorties and sub-machine guns. But when terrorists bombed a coffee shop, killing his twin sister, he knew he could no longer sit on the sidelines while other men fought the battle against religious fanatics and militant extremists. Joining the Army Rangers and going to war quenched his thirst for revenge. Joining Black Knights Inc. and completing the missions too hot, or too hard for Uncle Sam to handle feeds his hunger for continued justice.   

Melissa Cutler

John Witter, the hero of my latest romantic suspense, Hot on the Hunt, was as deadly as they come as a Green Beret sniper in the years leading up to the start of the story, but the pivotal moment that turns him into a lethal, lone wolf warrior is when his best friend and sniper partner shoots John's woman and leaves her for dead, then testifies that John was in on the attempted murder. John's woman, Alicia, believes the lies, and so does the US government. It is when John hits this rock bottom that he truly starts to rebuild himself as a one-man fighting machine, hell-bent on reclaiming his life and the woman he loves.

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