Tweethearts: Tweets We Loved This Week

The Internet is full of hilarious gems and memorable words of wisdom from the masses. Authors, readers and publishers on Twitter are no exception and continuously put smiles on the faces of Twitter users daily in 140 characters or less. We've started compiling our favorite Tweets.


We're intrigued … and yet nervous for our beloved childhood icon Cap'n Crunch.

Our Adam Levine dreams don't involve him selling us acne wash … ahem.

We know there's a slush pile joke in here somewhere, we just don't want to be the ones to make it.

Now we're imagining the book cover this image would work for. "Garland for Gary"?


Wait. We're not?!


We were delighted, along with the rest of Twitter, when Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, but no one seemed to be able to locate her. 

You know, we never check our voice mail … 

We hereby authorize Margaret Atwood to speak on our behalf on any and all subjects, into perpetuity. 

Joking aside, a hearty congratulations to you, Alice!


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