Tweethearts: Tweets We Loved This Week

The Internet is full of hilarious gems and memorable words of wisdom from the masses. Authors, readers and publishers on Twitter are no exception and continuously put smiles on the faces of Twitter users daily in 140 characters or less. We've started compiling out favorite Tweets, and this week we bring you a special YA version of Tweethearts, featuring YA authors and industry folk who made us giggle.

Well, now we need to go watch Notting Hill. BRB.


Pics or it didn't happen.

This is why for RT 2014 in NOLA we shall all take cabs! Oh wait, we're leaving our husbands at home, right?

He also probably shouldn't read our Bitten (Jan. 13th at 10/9c on SyFy for those wanting to program their DVRs) recaps, either. RT editor Mala is known for using adult language.

We just want that picture of Elizabeth Hoyt's birthday hat-wearing dog. 

If we took advice based on random spam email we got, well, we'd be hanging with that Nigerian prince who had banking problems. In our minds, we're rolling around on piles of money together, in a real fancy hotel suite. No?


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