Tweethearts: Tweets We Loved This Week

The Internet is full of hilarious gems and memorable words of wisdom from the masses. Authors, readers and publishers on Twitter are no exception and continuously put smiles on the faces of Twitter users daily in 140 characters or less. We've started compiling our favorite Tweets. 

Hey, maybe the bird's in art school, just trying to learn how to express itself!

Authors, they really are just like us! We have this exact feeling when reading a great romance — right around page 40!

GIF of cat knocking over a can of soda

The first Cat Café in NYC opened this week. Sorry (not sorry) like all people who work on the Internet, we are obsessed with cats — and thus the concept of the Cat Café.

An editing fail, or a preview of this season's Game of Thrones?

Would have been worse if someone answered.

Wooo hooo! Bring it on!


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