Two Entangled Heroes Battle It Out In A Romantic Suspense Rumble

Nothing is hotter than a sexy alpha hero in a pulse-pounding romantic suspense. But what happens when two heroes come face to face? Author Nikki Logan pits her Entangled Suspense heroes against Caridad Piñeiro's in a match to decide which man can capture readers' affection. Will it be the handsome British Intelligence agent, or the suave Russian prince? Only you can decide!

Over at Entangled Suspense HQ it appears they like their heroes tough, dependable, able to handle themselves against anyone and always armed…with the smexy.

But, what I really wanted to know about these sizzling alphas was could they hold their own against each other? Sadly, the law says I can’t grease them up and chuck ‘em in a cage, but I can do the next best thing and get up close and personal with two of Entangled Suspense’s hottest heroes as they throw down in a no-holds-barred match for your affection. And what better matchup to begin with than a classic James Bond pairing—gorgeous and gritty British Intelligence type vs. six-foot-plus of sleek Russian aristo-hottie.


Over in the “pee or get off the damned pot” corner… weighing in at 180lbs of MI6 muscle and stubbly goodness is British intelligence operative Simon deVries. We last saw rugged Simon with his wildlife warrior-ess, Clare, in the African bush in Wild Encounter by Nikki Logan. That piercing grey stare suffer fools very un- gladly.

Over in the “judge me not by what I am but by what I do” corner… bow down in the presence of royalty. Fairly matched at 185 lethal pounds, dashing and dark, Prince Alexander Ivanov. Those glacial blue eyes managed to penetrate the steel resolve of FBI Agent Kathleen Martinez in The Prince’s Gamble by Caridad Piñeiro.


Alright boys, let’s start with the important question of the day… Lights-on or lights-off?

SIMON: [Simon drops his head a moment, thinking, and then lifts those storm-grey eyes and half-smiles…]     “ON. Who has the time or focus to find the light switch in the heat of the moment?”

ALEXANDER: “ON. I don’t want to waste a second of seeing my lovely Kathleen.”


Okay… [fans self] …and while our pulses are up, tell us about Kathleen and Clare. Was it love at first sight for each of you?

ALEXANDER: “I first met Kathleen when she walked into my office in the casino. I was fuming that she was twenty minutes late and it didn’t make it any easier that she came in full hard-assed attitude.” [He pauses and pins me with those vodka blue eyes…] “Did I mention she was just a bit judgmental? She assumed I was petulant and pampered and I’ve struggled my whole life to have people see me and not my name, so it really grated on me that she refused to do that at first. Actually for quite some time. In the end, she was able to see the man and not the name or the title.”

SIMON: “Clare had been on the road for most of the day in a truck full of wild animals so my first impression of her was how fast she was as she sprinted away from us and how disgusting she smelled as I hauled her back into the farmhouse. But my second impression of her…” [Ah, there’s that sexy half-smile again]… “All that fury, the way her eyes spat and her cheeks flamed with indignation even though she had all the reason in the world to curl up in a ball… Yet she still had the smarts to lie to me about her identity! God, I love a woman who has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it.”


They don’t call it romantic suspense for nothing. Both your stories had my heart pounding. What was the most tension-filled moment for you?

ALEXANDER: “Does almost dying count?” [Sure does, your gorgeousness!] “I have to confess, I wasn’t expecting what happened, but to protect the women that I love—Kathleen and my sister—I’d willingly sacrifice myself. I’m glad that, in the end, I had Kathleen at my side to help me through the worst of it. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. But I hope it never comes to that.”

SIMON: “The moment I realized Clare had escaped the farmhouse and was somewhere out in the bush; barefoot, unarmed, unprotected against the predators of the African bush. Ugh, that was the closest I’ve ever come to knowing real terror. And suddenly there she was; stumbling towards the human predators that were hunting her, too. What choice did I have but to take her down, bodily…”  

[At this point I wonder what he’d say if I asked for a private demo…]


Time to get personal. Tell me about your first kiss—and don’t even think about skipping any of the juicy details!

ALEXANDER: “I made Kathleen one of my favorite meals and we had some time to get to know each other more. I realized then just how special she was, and that I was not going to take a chance on letting her out of my life. I’m as determined as she is and so as she was about to leave my home I stopped her,” [ Yes…] “and kissed her,” [Yeesss?...] “and touched her in places a gentleman should not discuss.” [Naww, spoil-sportski] “I wanted her to know just what she stood to lose by walking out on me. What followed was quiet enjoyable for the both of us…until she walked out on me. Luckily, I’m not one to give up so easily. I decided to take a gamble and risk my heart on showing Kathleen the kind of man I really am.”

SIMON: I swear, the latest edition British Secret Services handbook must have my picture in it next to the heading ‘how not to be a field operative’. Something about Clare and the situation we found ourselves in… all my training just vanished and I was operating on pure adrenaline and instinct the whole time. The first time I tasted Clare I was lost. Plain and simple. I’d been trying to make a point about how dangerous her situation was and how ill-equipped she was to out-play us all and, somehow, she turned the tables on me and, suddenly, there we were, pressed up against the wall all hot and breathless with me practically licking her salt tears off her face. What a bloody louse. But what a bloody kiss. [For the love of all things holy…a demo!!]


As tough as you are, I know that every hero has a soft spot. What’s it take to melt your heart?

SIMON: I’m a sucker for courage. I have nothing but respect for people who know their limits as a human being, but to then see someone fronting up to their fears, tucking their trembling hands behind their back and taking them on, especially in a small, angry woman… Yeah, I’m gone.

ALEXANDER: I greatly admire strength and determination in a woman. I’m a strong-willed man and I think it takes that kind of woman to stand by my side. That’s of utmost importance to me, having a loving and caring partner with whom to spend the rest of my life.


Alrighty then, so what makes you THE alpha male of Entangled Suspense?

ALEXANDER: [This is where I get the full impact of all that regal breeding…] “Let me count the ways I’m the perfect alpha. I’m Russian royalty. Incredibly rich, but not spoiled. Incredibly handsome, if I must say so myself. I’m a demanding boss, but fair. I’m enough of a gentleman not to kiss and tell, but the rogue in me won’t leave my partner wanting. But most of all, inside I’m a marshmallow for the woman that I love and I’d do anything for her. Even sacrifice myself. If that doesn’t make me THE alpha male of Entangled Suspense, I’d like to meet that better man and shake his hand.”

SIMON: “Please to meet you, Alex. But seriously…” [God, that laugh *sigh*] “…how much of a jerk would I be to work with if I actually believed I was the alpha male of the century? I’ve got my strengths, and can hold my own with my ability to focus on the job and keep people alive along the way. But I’m no Rambo with guns strapped to each leg and a machete across my back. I’ll always try and think my way out of a situation before fighting my way out. I’ll lie if I have to and I’ll cheat if it I need to but I’ll always go by my instinct and minimize collateral damage. And I will always, always protect those who need it. Even if they don’t recognize they need it. Not mentioning any names, Clare Delaney *cough*.”


And so there we have it: two heroes, a whole lot of testosterone, one sexy winner. Is a spy hotter than a prince? Does handsome-and-cashed-up trump sexy-and-resourceful? Or is it all about the accent for you?

Vote your favorite hero to victory in the comments section! And then, lucky for you, you can go out and have them both!

So readers, which Entangled Suspense hero has stolen your heart? Alexander or Simon? Let us know in the comments! And for more romantic suspense visit our Everything Romance Page.