Three Heroes Next Door That are Melting our Hearts

Romantic suspense is full of ex-Navy SEALs and high-tech security experts. But this month the three men who are turning our heads are more of the hero next door type. Pamela Loewy's Wyatt Kelly and Joyce Lamb's John Logan are hard working police detectives, and KM Daughters' Patrick Sullivan is a police captain. They may not have flashy gadgets or untold riches to help them save the girl, but they can rescue us any day! Now Loewy, Lamb and Daughters give us a special look at these three everyday heroes who are melting our hearts.


Wyatt Kelly the hero of Saving Jemma  
by Pamela Loewy

His stolid, phlegmatic appearance may fool the unwary, but Fargo police detective Wyatt Kelly’s keen analytic intelligence, persistence, and talent for undercover work make him one of the department’s most effective investigators. After a hardscrabble youth, the former hell-raiser turned U.S. Marine emerges from military service honed and determined. A career with his hometown police department seems a logical next step.

A man of conscience, depth and humor, Wyatt deals with his inner demons – the legacy of an abusive father who later abandoned him and his mother, alcoholism, a failed marriage, constant anxiety about his trouble-prone younger cousin, and insecurity about his own lack of formal education – through sheer force of will. Wyatt Kelly is the perfect romantic hero precisely because he’s not perfect, but rather a multi-dimensional human being who well deserves the happy ending this author has in store for him.


John Logan the hero of True Colors
by Joyce Lamb

John Logan became a police detective because a cop helped him rise above his troubled childhood. Logan had a rough life, losing his parents at a young age, then getting bumped from foster home to foster home before finding a family in the absolute wrong place: a gang. Officer Mike coaxed Logan away from that life, and Logan ended up modeling his own career path after Officer Mike's, determined to help others the way Mike helped him.

Today, Logan is the perfect hero, because even though he has a background that would have hardened a weaker man, he has a kind and gentle heart. That's what draws Alex Trudeau to him, besides how freakin' hot he looks in a uniform. He's smart, has a good sense of humor, loves dogs and can cook! He's also always looking out for kids in trouble, and even when Alex gains a way to see into a past he deeply regrets and never wants to talk about, he'll mow down everything in his path to protect her from harm.


Patrick Sullivan the hero of All's Fair in Love and Law
by K.M. Daughters

Patrick Sullivan wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. His brothers played cowboys and astronauts, but not Patrick. The Sullivan boys had many heroes growing up: Michael Jordan and Walter Payton. Pat’s sole hero his entire life was and is his dad, John Sullivan, a decorated police officer. As soon as Pat could walk he imitated his dad, wanting to be just like him. He “locked up” his stuffed animals in an overturned laundry basket. As he got older, a deep box served as a jail for his Star Wars figures. Then he put good use to a playpen to incarcerate his pesky baby brother, Jimmy.

Jean Sullivan, the Sullivan boys’ mom, was once asked to describe her sons in one word for a newspaper article announcing Patrick’s promotion to captain. She described Danny as the smart son, Joe the funny son, and although she thought all her sons were handsome, Brian the most attractive son. Tears filled her eyes when she mentioned Jimmy as the athletic son, and the one word she used to describe Patrick was honest.

What woman could resist a man who loves with an honest heart?

Charlie Demarco couldn’t resist a man like Patrick. We hope our readers can’t resist him, either.

These policemen make crime solving look good. You can read all about Wyatt in Saving Jemma in stores now and Patrick in All's Fair in Love and Law and then mark your calendar, John Logan's adventure, True Colors, will hit stores on January 4th! Until then, we want to know which fictional policeman gets your heart racing?